11th June 2015

The experience was ‘life-changing’ for my daughter

The experience was ‘life-changing’ for my daughter

Rhinoplasty from a daughter and mother’s view.

I am a teenage girl that underwent rhinoplasty surgery at The Nose Clinic. Before surgery I was very conscious of my nose having been bullied at school. I hated eating out in restaurants and would not have my photograph taken if I could possibly avoid it.

I was nervous but excited before I had my consultation and I was pleased my mother came with me. The nose clinic team listened to my worries and were really thorough. I was not put under pressure to have the surgery but they asked me to work out what I wanted and asked me what I was worried about. They gave me over an hour which was great because I got all the information I needed and did not need to make a second trip.

I was quite anxious going to the hospital for my surgery but felt that I was doing the right thing and that the next day I would wake feeling different.

I was discharged from the hospital the day after with information and lotions to clean my nose. I was asked to do these three times a day. This was to help stop infection in my nose. I suffered very little bruising which I was so pleased about.

I returned to the clinic at a week to have the dressing and stitches out and saw my new nose! It was a bit swollen but I could see the difference straight away.

I am now four months after having my surgery and I am so pleased with the result. I have had my follow up appointment at three months and I am healing very well and will go back to the clinic for my last check up a year afterwards.

Everyone at the clinic is really happy for me and I have been on holiday since the surgery and did not mind having my photograph taken at all, even sky diving!

I would like to add as a mother, that the experience was ‘Life Changing’ for my daughter. Julian and Emma made her feel at ease throughout. Any surgical procedure requiring a general anaesthetic is a worry (expecially for a parent) but we were kept updated while our daughter was in surgery which was very reassuring for us.

Both her father and I feel strongly that this procedure was not ‘Cosmetic Surgery’ but essential for her mental well being, as her ‘old nose’ had become such a huge unhappy issue in her life. She is simply a different girl.

I just wanted you both to know this is how we feel and are happy for you to share our thoughts.