Mr Rowe-Jones has asked his patients to share their individual and personal experiences of rhinoplasty surgery to help others. Read their stories and watch the videos here.

Post-operation experience

Emma Rowe-Jones talks to one of our patients about her rhinoplasty journey and how she felt after surgery.

“Caring, professional and realistic. A knowledgeable surgeon you can trust.”

My nose had never been perfectly flat but after receiving an injury the bump was enlarged and my nose became twisted. I then was very conscious of all aspects of my nose and thought it needed major alterations. I would constantly look at myself and never once be pleased with what I saw. At the end of 2015 I decided to undergo the surgery and began seeking out a reputable surgeon who could help. I couldn’t find many reviews at that time regarding Julian but after looking at his practices website, reading his experience and the practice team’s morals with regards to creating a natural result and being realistic about what is achievable, I booked a consultation. My expectations were exceeded after attending the consultation. The clinic was immaculate and the staff were warm and friendly. Any queries I had were answered. I appreciated that Julian focused on realistic achievable results and explained the detailed process that would be undertaken and what affect it would have. Before the consultation I felt that a lot of my nose needed adjusting. After the consultation I trusted in Julian’s judgement and underwent the surgery which he thought would correct the issue. It is now around 8 months after the surgery and I am extremely pleased with not just my nose but my whole appearance. It now compliments my face and looks natural; the areas which I originally thought needed correction are still the same but straightening and reducing the bump has changed the whole profile of my nose. I cannot recommend Julian highly enough. I feel if I had gone elsewhere to someone who would of altered things I originally thought I didn’t like the result would have been dreadful. Julian and his team are very understanding of emotions that may be present in someone who seeks cosmetic surgery; they discuss these in the consultation so they are sure surgery is the best option for you. I don’t believe the main aim for Julian and his practice is to make money but to give people happiness and confidence in themselves by performing something which he also has a passion for.

“One of the best decisions I have ever made!!”

I initially decided to go ahead with rhinoplasty because the shape and structure of my nose had affected me in a big way for a long time. It was visibly wonky and I felt it wasn’t in proportion with my face, knocking my self-confidence and causing me to dislike myself. After doing a lot of research and reading some good reviews I decided to commit to an initial consultation appointment with the Nose clinic. I knew I had made the right decision when I first met Dr Julian and his wife. My initial impressions were very good, they came across as very professional and fully understood my concerns and feelings about my nose, and advised me very clearly and honestly on what could be achieved and the likely outcome of the surgery. During the consultation it was clear to me the pride and passion Dr Julian has in his work. This gave me the confidence and reassurance to commit further to undertaking the surgery and the belief that the final result was going to be just what I was after. On surgery day all went very smoothly, the staff at the hospital were very warm and welcoming, Dr Julian discussed with me how the day would progress and what I could expect to happen. This helped to calm my nerves and reassure me further. The surgery was a complete success, all went very well and my initial recovery went very well with very little pain. The day I had my bandage removed was amazing! I could not believe how good my nose now looked even after just a week, it was just what I was after and more. In the proceeding months following the aftercare regime Dr Julian had advised me, my nose carried on healing very well. The aftercare I received from Dr Julian and his team has been amazing. I know that if I have any queries Dr Julian and his team would be right on hand to help me. Six months on, It has completely changed the way I feel about myself, giving me the confidence and pride in my looks that I had wanted, I am now happy to have my photo taken without feeling embarrassed. I would strongly recommend the Nose clinic and Dr Julian and his team to achieve the results that you require, it was one of best life changing decisions I have made.

So pleased with the outcome of my surgery

I had surgery with Dr Rowe-Jones 6 months ago and cannot praise him and his team enough for the outstanding care and continued support that I have received.

After an unsuccessful rhinoplasty (with another surgeon) in 2012, I was left with a severely deviated septum and a very unsymmetrical and blocked nose. I knew that I needed revision surgery and after my first regrettable ordeal, I was extremely anxious about finding another surgeon who was skilled and experienced enough to help improve my problems.

My initial consultation at The Nose Clinic was enjoyable, informative, professional, friendly and reassuring, and although I had attended several other comparable consultations elsewhere, I instantly knew that Dr-Rowe Jones and his team were going to be right for me.

I have never regretted my decision as I have been well looked after, well informed and treated outstandingly through every stage.

I am so pleased with the outcome of my surgery, and because I had such a complicated case I never imagined that any surgeon could achieve the outcome that Dr Rowe-Jones has managed.


The decision to proceed was very easy

Dear Julian

I wanted to put something in writing after my surgery on my nose last year. When we first met, I had already had previous surgery on my nose but was still very conscious of my inability to breath properly and the aesthetic look.

During the two consultations, you were so reassuring yet very carefully explained the potential risks of surgery. I was particularly nervous as I was very aware that previous surgery had made my nose more fragile and therefore further surgery would potentially be more challenging.

The decision to proceed was very easy because it was very evident that you and the team wanted to help me and not once did I feel under any pressure to proceed, in fact you asked me to really consider my options which made the whole experience much easier.

On the day of the surgery, you came to see me and very carefully explained again what your aims were and to reconfirm my expectations.

The surgery went ahead as planned and you came to see me the next morning to give me the aftercare pack and explain the next steps The follow up in the clinic immediately after surgery and in the following months I had full reassurance and support from you and your team.

My expectations of a results were low considering my previous complications (with other surgeons!) but you have totally stunned me with my nose, not only can I breath, you fixed a complicated nose to make it look perfect, a result I never expected any surgeon could achieve.

I cannot thank you enough and I have already recommended you to a friend who has been considering surgery. Please feel free to show my letter to any prospective patients who may be considering your services, as I can only thank you and your team for a life changing experience!


The end result was so natural looking

“I felt at ease immediately with Mr. Rowe-Jones. He prioritises the physical and emotional well being of his patients and he always ‘listens’ to his patients’ concerns and worries. He manages very well ‘overly ambitious’ expectations, as the end results need to appear ‘seamless’ and natural. The end result was really so natural looking, and I was so pleased with the aesthetics.”
I had my re-constructive rhinoplasty on 05.07.08 with Mr. Rowe-Jones, following an unsuccessful but expensive first rhinoplasty in July of 2007, where I felt that I did not receive appropriate care and medical attention.

Mr. Rowe-Jones very patiently allowed the space and time for me to communicate my worries, my concerns, and my fears, as the second rhinoplasty had to be the final one and everything had to go just right for me, this time.

At that point I had lost my all self confidence, and also my trust in surgeons, as my first rhinoplasty surgeon (surgeon to the top Greek A-listers) was overly ‘ambitious’ and made pledges that had nothing to do with reality. He had put me through a very painful physical and emotional process, and the end result was completely different from what we had discussed in the beginning.

On the other hand, Mr. Rowe-Jones was very pragmatic and realistic about the results that could be achieved, aiming always for the best possible aesthetic and liturgical result. I felt at ease immediately with him, and I was very impressed as he is very low profile, and not at all ‘sales’ driven. He prioritises the physical and emotional well being of his patients and he always ‘listens’ to his patients’ concerns and worries.He manages very well ‘overly ambitious’ expectations, as the end results need to appear ‘seamless’ and natural.

I still cannot believe that my 2nd operation was almost painless, as I did not feel any physical pain right after the procedure, something that I was really dreading and was anxious about. During my post-op period, Ms Emma Rowe-Jones alongside Mr. Rowe-Jones, took a great care of me, always making me feel appropriately looked after and even pampered. The end result was really so natural looking, and I was so pleased with the aesthetics this time.

I could not believe how seamless the re-construction appeared to be, and I was really glad that my nose suited my face now. I never ever had any issues at any later stage.. and I want to thank once again from the bottom of my heart, Mr. Rowe-Jones and Ms Emma Rowe-Jones for even helping me get over all the emotional scars from my first operation.

I wish I had done my ‘homework’ properly, than just trust an A-lister surgeon who had a very established name but no actual care and respect for his patients, as that cost me money and unnecessary distress.


The experience was ‘life-changing’ for my daughter

I am a teenage girl that underwent rhinoplasty surgery at The Nose Clinic. Before surgery I was very conscious of my nose having been bullied at school. I hated eating out in restaurants and would not have my photograph taken if I could possibly avoid it.

I was nervous but excited before I had my consultation and I was pleased my mother came with me. The nose clinic team listened to my worries and were really thorough. I was not put under pressure to have the surgery but they asked me to work out what I wanted and asked me what I was worried about. They gave me over an hour which was great because I got all the information I needed and did not need to make a second trip.

I was quite anxious going to the hospital for my surgery but felt that I was doing the right thing and that the next day I would wake feeling different.

I was discharged from the hospital the day after with information and lotions to clean my nose. I was asked to do these three times a day. This was to help stop infection in my nose. I suffered very little bruising which I was so pleased about.

I returned to the clinic at a week to have the dressing and stitches out and saw my new nose! It was a bit swollen but I could see the difference straight away.

I am now four months after having my surgery and I am so pleased with the result. I have had my follow up appointment at three months and I am healing very well and will go back to the clinic for my last check up a year afterwards.

Everyone at the clinic is really happy for me and I have been on holiday since the surgery and did not mind having my photograph taken at all, even sky diving!

I would like to add as a mother, that the experience was ‘Life Changing’ for my daughter. Julian and Emma made her feel at ease throughout. Any surgical procedure requiring a general anaesthetic is a worry (expecially for a parent) but we were kept updated while our daughter was in surgery which was very reassuring for us.

Both her father and I feel strongly that this procedure was not ‘Cosmetic Surgery’ but essential for her mental well being, as her ‘old nose’ had become such a huge unhappy issue in her life. She is simply a different girl.

I just wanted you both to know this is how we feel and are happy for you to share our thoughts.


I’m liking how natural the nose is

“I’m an Indian male and didn’t like the following points about my nose: wide, humped, over projected, and drooping tip. I wasn’t looking for perfection, more for just a nose that didn’t stand out so much. I went for a consultation with JRJ and he and I shared similar views about my nose and what we need to do to get it to where I would be happy with it. So now its day 15 and I’m liking how natural the nose is. JRJ has done a great job with the tip.”
I’m an Indian male and didn’t like the following points about my nose:

– wide
– humped
– over projected
– drooping tip

I wasn’t looking for perfection, more for just a nose that didn’t stand out so much (I would be happy with an outcome that can be seen on some of the pre-op/pre-revision noses from this forum). The main problem for me was with the profile, any additional aesthetic improvements would just be benefits.

I went for a consultation with JRJ and he and I shared similar views about my nose and what we need to do to get it to where I would be happy with it. A large focus of this from JRJ was tip rework as he hsaid this was the main reason my nose appeared large, when in actual fact the nasal bones weren’t as big as they looked. I was very happy with the before and after pictures he showed me of similar noses and was happy with his digital imaging of what the post surgery outcome could look like.

The plan for my nose was (as you can see quite a few things going on):

– Breaking the nasal bones for narrower nose
– Shaving cartilage to get rid of the hump
– Tip rework (Septoplasty for graft)
– Potentially an alar base resection to thin the nostrils.

I decided to book my surgery. The total costs came to – £8000 for the consultation, surgery and hospital fees.

The Nuffield Guildford hospital was where I had my operation done. The hospital was clean and the staff were friendly – everything you would expect from a private hospital. Saw JRJ for a few minutes before the op, we discussed the plan. He said the nostrils may naturally become thinner when he repositions the tip, but if not, he will make them thinner to get them in balance.
Anaesthetic took a few seconds to kick in, and what seemed like a few seconds later I was awake witha cast on my face. Bleeding was on and off for that day and the next morning. Then it was relatively minimal (possibly a few drops over the next few days). There was no pain. Most annoying thing is feeling stuffed up and sleeping on your back.

Saw JRJ later after surgery, he told me there were no complications, and the surgery had gone very well with the result being a good masculine nose. He told me my nose would be thinner and the top, middle and bottom (he ended up removing a skin wedge from my nostrils. He also mentioned the hump was gone and the tip no longer drooped. He seemed genuinely happy with his work. This was a big relief – though I don’t like to get excited too early and decided the relief that there were no complications was enough for me at the moment.

Standard healing at home, just took it nice and easy and relaxed. Took me up until day 3 post op before I could put in my contact lenses in. Started working from home from day 4 post op. I was mostly just waiting around in anticipation for cast off so I can see the new basic shape.

Cast off day came (day 6) saw the nurse to take off my dressing, take out my stitches and clean the blood clots. As soon as this is done, you instantly feel a lot more comfortable.

Got to see my nose, overall, the basic shape has changed quite a bit but it was still very swollen. I could see many improvements in the nose, but due to the amount of swelling I knew I couldn’t judge it just yet. I had some bruising on the bridge of my nose and still had some under my eyes. JRJ seemed pretty happy with the new nose.

Went home, and as you do, examined my nose for at least an hour. I liked the shape, the swollen tip and sides were annoying me, but it was only day 6 so I assumed it would come down. Had a small bump on the bridge (was not so fussed about it, but otherwise ruins a really straight nose), this is where the bruising is, so could be swelling. JRJ told me to put a bit of pressure on the spot with my finger to help with the scar tissue.
So now its day 15 and I’m liking how natural the nose is. JRJ has done a great job with the tip. It’s still a bit swollen so hoping to see further improvements still.

Summary/healing of my experience so far:

Pain: None through out. Most painful thing was nurse removing some of the blood clots – felt like a fine hair being tweezed. Nose can be a bit sore after cast off.

Well being: Blocked nose gradually got better from day 1 but normal breathing returned about day 11. Still felt slightly stuffy hoping this improves soon – its getting beter each day. No headaches really. Few spots on my nose after cast off but they went away in the next few days. Felt pretty much fine in every other way.

Bleeding: Minimal – only had some day of op and day 1 post op.

Swelling: Major swelling around the eys etc gone by day 6. Most of the swelling on the eyes and nose had gone by day 11. Still a bit swollen but guessing this will gradually get better.

Bruising: Not so bad, mostly around the left eye. Peaked at day 3, mostly gone by day 12 and disappeared on day 15. Bruising also on the bridge, noticed on day 6 (cast off), and mostly gone by day 12, expecting it to gradually fade from now.

Scarring (Open – Tip) & Nostril edges: Mostly gone by day 9. Noticeable only to me by day 15.


The staff made me feel comfortable and safe

“On the day of the procedure the staff were very kind and made me feel very comfortable and safe, they answered any questions I had with ease.”
Dear DR Rowe-Jones, I am pleased to be writing this testimonial, to express my gratitude, and happiness at the result of my procedure. For the people reading this, I would like to let you know a little about myself, and how I came to have a septorhinoplasty procedure. I am an Operating Department Practitioner in operating theatres, so have a background experience in surgery, and the hospital environment, therefore I would like to share my experiences with you, from my perspective.

The reason for my testimonial was due to a fall at a very young age. Overtime the appearance of my nose became worse but also my breathing. Before Dr Rowe-Jones, I had already had one previous operation, which due to other complications caused my nasal septum to become more deviated, and my breathing did not improve as much as I had anticipated. I learned a great deal about the journey of being very afraid of waking up with a new nose, or a nose I didn’t feel expressed how I felt, to making the decision to have another operation, and putting myself and my family through it again, because (hopefully), I wouldn’t go through it alone. I was taking everybody into account when I made the decision, but it was down to me and my health and well being and making the decision for myself. I do recall however once I knew Dr Rowe-Jones was my Operating Surgeon, I googled his name as I am sure anyone would, and was very reassured by his accomplishments, knowledge and skills on being an Internationally recognised, functional and cosmetic nasal surgeon.

During my consultation’s I tried to ask as many questions as I could, from what I had written down over time, as this helped me feel more secure about having the right information that I needed and about the complications that could also occur during a procedure, it is important not to have too high expectations as with surgery, every nose is different and unique, so each procedure can be modified for the best interest of the patient and what is the safest option. Whether it be for appearance or breathing. All these things needed to be considered and evaluated.

In my consultation Dr Rowe-Jones was very knowledgeable and I felt very welcomed, the experience was very uplifting to me and helped my confidence, in being able to go through the procedure again. On the day of the procedure the staff were very kind and made me feel very comfortable and safe, they answered any questions I had with ease, and allowed me to express how I felt.
It was a rewarding experience to see it from the patients point of view and how scary and unnerving the journey can be. Waking up and having a cast on my nose, was very uncomfortable, however, i was given clear instructions on how to keep it clean and given booklets to guide me through all the steps at home. I just want to let you know that you are never alone, which is very reassuring, you can also ring into the hospital for any advice which I feel is a great service, for any emergency, or if you just have an important question you forgot to ask.

When the time came to have my cast off I was very nervous, but I had to remember it was very swollen at this stage, so the appearance was going to be different from when the swelling came down, when my cast came off, I was almost in tears because it was so swollen, however once Dr Rowe-Jones had a look he was very impressed,and after his reassurance on the swelling, (on which he had to remind me!), I looked in the mirror, and could already see clearly, through the alignment and the look of my nose, that it was going to be perfect for my face, once I got home, my older sister told me that it now looks the same as the pictures of my nose before it broke, so I’m thrilled. Within days I could already see a difference from when I had my first procedure, I could already breath a lot easier, and my mother kept telling me how impressed she was. My mother was the first person to see my nose when I got home, when she opened the door, (this is very true), she was almost in tears, she said, ‘I cant believe it, it looks too cute on you, its perfect’. She could see the difference from before the first operation, and after the second, and through all the swelling, she could see what an amazing job, Dr Rowe-Jones had done, and his team.

A year down the line and I am very happy with my nose, I can smell the flowers and have a great confidence about my nose, for some people, its a little thing, but if you’re on this website, you know its the little things that matter! Thank you very much to Dr Rowe-Jones and his team, for an amazing experience and helping me on my life journey with a new spring in my step!


I’d absolutely recommend JRJ and the team

“One very very happy girl. I’d absolutely recommend JRJ & the team. Regardless of the surgery, they are all the nicest people in the world & I am gonna miss them!”

I booked in for a consultation and got a cancellation less than two weeks away. Unfortunately on the way in, I got stuck in a bad traffic jam and was nearly an hour and a half late. I was in complete tears because I thought that’s money down the drain; but I phoned up, and the team were so lovely! They told me not to worry, to just get there when I could, not to rush, and they’d squeeze me in somewhere during the day.

Got there, teary eyed and red faced, and they told me to take a deep breath, not to worry, gave me lots of reassurance that it was okay, and when I was calm I went in with JRJ’s “2nd in command”. (Her title has completely gone in one ear and out the other.)

She took the first part of the consultation. She had a chat with me; asked about my nose, took the pictures, went over the ‘boring’ information. I then met JRJ. The Clinic is extremely posh! (Everyone is SO well spoken dahling!, I felt a bit out of place!) But he was the most lovely man. Nothing but smiles and friendliness and I was at complete ease.

It was so lovely to hear someone say “yes, you do have a hump and a large bulbous tip” and everything I already knew. (So fed up getting the usual “Oh but your nose is fiiiine” from everyone else.) I told him what I wanted, he said what he could do, and we looked over a photo where he edited the nose (then and there) and moved it about until we were both happy with the (what hopefully would be) the result.

I had got another consultation booked with IM for 2 weeks after that. However I just knew that JRJ was the man for me, and I booked in for my surgery before I left the Clinic. Luckily I managed to get a surgery appointment just over a month from the consultation. So in total my whole experience from consultation to surgery was 6 weeks long. I left with a prescription for antibacterial wash and nose cream to use before surgery; pack of information; phone numbers; and I was told if I had any questions I could phone up any time, and I got given email addresses if I thought of anything and could just email through. Completely supportive. Left feeling very happy.

Surgery day came, arrived for 7.30am, I was second surgery (at 9.30am). JRJ came and checked I was okay before surgery, and we went over what he was going to do, checked if I had any queries, etc. I woke up after surgery and just felt like I had a bad cold. Was still a bit ‘out of it’ because of anesthetic, but all was okay. Snoozed on and off throughout the day, the nurses came in frequently to check I was fine, and I had the most lovely scrambled eggs for lunch. (You get a meal in the afternoon.)

JRJ came back later on to check I was okay to be discharged, and he was full of smiles and said the surgery went wonderfully, and he was very happy with the procedure. I got more information, and some numbers that I could phone 24/7 in case I had any worries or problems.

Straight away I could see the difference in the front part of my nose. I had a bit of over hang on the bit of skin between the nostrils, (I was always pushing it upwards and wishing it would just stay up!) – that was gone. Also, where most people have noses that curve round from the bottom, I had a disjointed bit so my nose came out, stopped, and then the curve continued (If you imagine from the bottom of the nose round the tip is supposed to be a smooth semi-circle. Mine was like a like ‘ C_ ‘ the line came out of the bottom of the nose, stopped, before curving round (C_ isn’t the best representation, but hopefully it makes sense!) Making my bulbous tip seem larger than it really was. My boyfriend took me home, as I had day surgery and couldn’t drive.

The rest of the week passed by pretty quickly. No problems. Just felt like I was off with a bad cold. Didn’t shower (as advised), just a bath every day. But I didn’t have any problems and managed to wash my hair. You just don’t put your head all the way in. Slept upright, which was probably the most annoying thing about the week, as I sleep curled on my side. No blowing nose, just dabbing.

I had the usual blood drip for a few days. On the 4th evening, I did have a stream of blood coming out (not a lot , a small stream) and phoned the off duty mobile and a nurse told me it was most likely a clot had moved, and not to worry. It stopped shortly thereafter anyway. Woke up in the night to another small stream, lasted about 20 minutes before stopping. After that, not even a drip of blood since.

Took ibuprofen most days, and was taking arnica. I didn’t actually have bruising like I thought I would. From the pictures I had seen, I thought I would look like i’d been in a fight with a boxer! But I only had the tiniest bit next to my nose, and it was only visible if you looked up close. (I bruise easily too!)

Cast off day I went in and a nurse took my cast off. I got a mirror to look in and I couldn’t believe it. It was me, but not me! I had a nice nose (even with the swelling!). I couldn’t stop smiling, and whilst waiting for JRJ I used my camera to take a video of my nose so I could see it from all angles. (Probably looked quite silly sitting in the waiting room doing it!)

Went through to JRJ then, and as he walked in he looked at my nose, and just had the biggest smile on his face. It’s such a nice feeling your surgeon walks in and has a huge smile on face because of your nose. He said it looked wonderful, he was very happy, (he knew I was too!). We had a chat, all was good. Then booked in for my 3 month check up. Wa-Lah! My surgery experience. Effortless, pretty much painless, and a rather lovely experience ! (If a little draining on the savings.)

I have bopped my nose a few times in the weeks following; kissing boyfriend, being whacked in the night by boyfriend, bopping it myself when sorting my hair, and so on. You don’t realise how many times you brush your nose, until you’ve had surgery. But it happens to everyone, and is just one of the things you have to deal with in healing.

My first day out with one of my best friends was the real happy point for me. I was sitting in a coffee shop with her, and for the first time in 11 years, I wasn’t worrying about people walking past me and seeing me profile view. I wasn’t turning my head so people couldn’t see it. I wasn’t worrying “Oh no, they’re going to see my huge nose”. I didn’t actually realise how much weight was on my shoulders 24.7 with my nose, until it was lifted. It was such a great feeling not to have to worry about it. She said straight away that I just seemed so much more relaxed and happier.

The End.”

I cannot believe a whole 9 months have passed since the surgery & that its been so long since i’ve been on the forum!! It’s absolutely amazing how different my life is. Ever since the surgery I have had a weight lifted that I never knew I was carrying & my confidence has soared. I was never happy with my body/myself BECAUSE I hated my nose so much, and I can now say I am happy with myself, I feel happy with who I am, and it’s so great not worrying from what angle people look at me from!! I don’t even remember the ‘before surgery’ very much anymore, I feel like this is how i’ve always been. It’s great. I feel like a whole new happier person!

Had a follow up with JRJ and he was absolutely delighted. He was more so delighted because I was so happy, which was lovely!! I never went in looking for perfection, I just wanted a nose that was normal!! & I got a rather lovely nose, that’s normal, and now makes the rest of my features stand out more As always, JRJ & the team have been there every step of the way & i’ve always had an email or phone number to ring. But I haven’t had a single problem since. The swelling went down pretty quick, nobody even noticed I had surgery!!! People just kept telling me how gorgeous I was looking & had I done something!? (Which was great, as obviously they didn’t notice my nose as much as I did :p) & great that it didnt look like a surgery nose.

Anyway. There you go! One very very happy girl. I’d absolutely recommend JRJ & the team. Regardless of the surgery, they are all the nicest people in the world & I am gonna miss them!


Mr Rowe-Jones really did under promise but OVER delivered

What a transformation – the nose looked like a nose; it was straighter and built up like how a real nose looks. Mr Rowe-Jones really did under promise but OVER delivered…


Sometime in my early years (around 1 and a half years old) I was put up for fostering. By the age of 6, I had been in 5 foster homes & 2 children’s homes. In one of the earlier foster homes I contracted impetigo around my nose & had been beaten around the head which gave me ‘cauliflower’ ears.

Back in the late sixties/early seventies the social services were a lot more relaxed than they are today, so the impetigo went unnoticed by the social services and untreated, in turn destroying the septum. I met my “parents to be” by this time, who decided to do something about the way my nose looked and its function. By aged 8, I had 4 operations, but still could not breathe that well through the nose. All throughout the school years I was taunted and bullied. So much so, that I left school at 15 with no qualifications. I became very self-conscious, withdrawn & wouldn’t go out.

In 2009 I went to the GP for an annual check-up. The GP on duty was new to the practice. We started chatting about my history & they asked if I wanted to do something with my nose, as they could see that it was bothering me. They took photos (which was difficult for me to accept, as never liked photos being taken).

The first step

After a few months, I had a letter inviting me to see a consultant. This consultant asked loads of questions & inspected my nose inside out. Over the next few months I saw a psychiatrist (to see if this would be done for the right reasons) and 2 different consultants (both of which would not take on the work) so I was then referred to Mr Rowe-Jones.

Next step

I eventually saw Mr Rowe-Jones. Right from the start you could see he had compassion and a positive attitude that he could do something for me. What pleased me the most was the fact he did not promise the world, just he would do the best he can with what he had to work with, and explained what the procedure involved. By now I was overwhelmed that someone would and could do something to help me. We did have to wait sometime for the operation date, as it would take a fair few hours to complete. I think they had to book the theatre for most of the day.

As the septum (a skin graft was taken from my arm to build the septum in early 70’s the first op’s) would need to be cut to access the main area to be worked on, there could be a chance that it would not retake and die, so he saved some of the cartilage from my rib that he used to build up the inside the nose. This was/is stored just under the skin on the side of my head. “Genius”, although it didn’t need to be used, as the septum did take.

The result

After the procedure, I had little to no pain in the nose, but did have a fair amount in the rib where the cartilage was taken, although it did last too long. I was given drops to put in the nose and I followed all the direction that he gave me to the letter. I had a splint covering the nose for a few weeks and within a short time I could breathe through the nose. Finally the splint and stitches were out. I took a look in the mirror. (Really don’t like mirrors, reminds me of the past) I cried with joy! WOW – what a transformation. The nose looked like a nose; it was straighter and built up like how a real nose looks. Mr Rowe-Jones really did under promise but OVER delivered.

Over the next 18 months we had a few follow up appointments. During this time we looked at one of my ears to see if this could be pinned back. As that ear had so much trauma, it is very thick because the cartilage had swollen so much, which made it poke out a long way. I would wake up in the morning with pain in the ear, this was because the ear would bend forward as I turned over in my sleep. Unfortunately Mr Rowe-Jones was unable to perform that operation, but one of his registrars completed that op. Again I was more than pleased with the results. (The whole of his team are great).

After another meeting with Mr Rowe-Jones, he decided that he could improve the airflow in the right nasal passage further and this was 18 months after the initial op. This went ahead with great results. He will now perform one more operation to the ear to re-sculpt and reduce the swelling of the cartilage.


You might ask “How has he changed my life”?

– Breathe easier
– Keener smell
– Confidence
– Healthier teeth
– Stopped and stayed smoke free

The benefits far outweigh the procedures and a little discomfort.

I had to learn how to breathe through my nose, with the added benefit of being able to smell more (which I found very strange at first). This in turn can make you breathe deeper & slower, therefore relax more. When meeting people for the first time, you tend to look at the face first. Since the op I don’t have people (big or small) staring at me, making inappropriate comments or making fun. (Most people won’t know how debilitating this can be.) I’m not afraid to go out, mix with new people and hold my head up high. I have a much more positive outlook on the world outside my home.

Also, believe it or not, my teeth are much healthier. I’m able to brush them and breathe through my nose at the same time (try holding your breath and brush for 2+ minutes).

In order to have these operations, I had to stop smoking, as smoking would have reduced or even stopped the healing process. Although nothing else had worked before, the importance of these ops to me, gave me the willpower to give up and I’ve stayed smoked free to date.

If you are in any doubt, talk to him, listen and take note. He will advise you the best cause of action. He might not be a miracle worker, but definitely the next best thing.

I will be forever grateful to Mr Rowe-Jones, who gave me my life back!