21st November 2019

Correcting An Under-Projected Nose

At my clinic, based in Guildford and in London’s famous medical and cosmetic destination of Harley Street, I consult, and have experience in many different types of nose job – both cosmetic-based, and those who have functional issues with their nose.

A common treatment at my practice is that for correcting an under-projected nose. In this blog, I’ll outline what this type of problem is, how it appears, how it can affect you, and how the corrective procedure works.

What is an under-projected nose?

This type of nose problem is where the tip doesn’t point out or ‘project’ from the face by the desired amount, leading to a flat appearance.

What does this type of nose look like?

An under-projected nose presents in many different ways. It can have a flat, squashed or droopy appearance, and can sometimes make the nose look rounded at the bottom. Whatever it looks like, it can have an impact on the rest of your face, throwing your features off-balance.

What are the effects of an under-projected nose?

Having a nose you dislike or are self-conscious about can affect your confidence, which can impact on other areas of your life. Some nose problems can cause breathing difficulties. Injury may cause flattening of the nose together with septal problems.  Whether your problem is cosmetic or functional, at my clinic, I can help achieve the natural-looking results you deserve through my rhinoplasty procedures.

How is this type of nose treated?

Rhinoplasty for an under-projected nose involves adjusting the nose tip and in some cases, the nose bridge to achieve the right results. Typically, the procedure will require cartilage grafting, where cartilage is removed from your nose, ear, or inside the body to give the nose more projection. When performing the nose surgery, I take your whole face into account, ensuring your new-look nose strikes a natural-looking balance with the rest of your features.

Why choose me?

There are lots of great reasons to book your treatment with my clinic.

World-class care – with myself, Mr Julian Rowe-Jones FRCS (ORL) performing your nose surgery, you’re in safe hands. My more than 20 years’ experience, global recognition and industry knowledge – which I have published in over 60 papers – are a testament to my high standards and quality of care.

Thorough treatment – my team and I will be with you through every step of the treatment, from your first consultation to your rhinoplasty procedure, and even the aftercare following your treatment.

Specialist technology – my clean, immaculate clinic is home to purpose-built, cutting-edge equipment to help you get the best possible results. And, with its Harley Street location, you can be confident you’re amongst the best in the field.

How do I book my nose job?

Booking in for your nose surgery involves an initial consultation. Enquire on the contact page today and one of my trained and friendly assistants will be in touch.