At Mr Rowe-Jones’s clinic, he specialises in rhinoplasty procedures. Unlike other surgeons he does not specialise in multiple areas. By focusing on nasal surgery, he applies all his efforts into this single discipline, resulting in the best outcomes for his patients.

Every member of the team, from surgeon to receptionist, is focused solely on making your rhinoplasty experience the best it can possibly be. From initial consultation to the surgery itself and the ongoing aftercare and support, the rhinoplasty team is dedicated to giving you the full benefit of our many years of experience and expert knowledge.

Julian Rowe-Jones is internationally regarded as one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons, with over 22 years’ experience as a consultant surgeon of both functional and cosmetic nasal surgery. You can find further information on Julian’s career and expertise here.

Experts in rhinoplasty

In the clinic Mr Rowe-Jones has a purpose-built photography studio with the highest quality lighting and imaging which is vital for highly detailed nasal and facial analysis, measurement and surgical planning.

He also uses 3D imaging in his procedure planning. This cutting edge technology allows him to take 3D images and precise measurements of your nose and face from every angle. From here, he can digitally manipulate your features to give you a better understanding of how your nose may look post-surgery in all views.

By maintaining the very highest ethical standards, his is always completely honest and realistic with every patient about what can be achieved, and will recommend what is holistically best for each individual. On the rare occasions where he believes it is simply not possible to deliver the results a patient is looking for, he will courteously advise against the cosmetic procedure.

Modern rhinoplasty (nose job) is designed to keep your nose working properly. A considerable portion of our work is focused on rehabilitation and correcting nasal problems to enhance the nose’s functionality as well as appearance.

If you’re considering a cosmetic rhinoplasty or have any questions regarding the rhinoplasty procedure then get in touch with us on: 020 7118 3553 for our Harley Street clinic, or 020 7118 3553 for our Guildford clinic.