Choosing where to have your nose surgery is not an easy decision, many clinics offer free consultations and money off to encourage you to consider surgery.

Mr Rowe-Jones does not offer free consultations. “I think this might be an inducement to surgery. The consultation is a very important stand-alone episode of the clinical care that I and my team provide. It is when we advise on what we think your options are, based entirely on what we think is in your best interest. This takes time and experience”. You are asked to pay for this opinion and there is no refund if the advice and opinion is that surgery unfortunately cannot achieve what you want. He and his team thank you for appreciating this.

It’s important to be comfortable with the costs but more important that you select a nose surgeon with the expertise and experience to give you what you hope for.

Each rhinoplasty procedure is unique to our patients, which is why costs vary per person. For more information on costs, feel free to contact us on 020 7118 3553.

Why do the costs of rhinoplasty vary?

Financing your rhinoplasty

To help spread the cost of your rhinoplasty operation, the clinic can offer a flexible treatment plan. Please speak to one of the team during your consultation for more information.


The you, you want starts here

If you’re considering a cosmetic rhinoplasty please call for a confidential conversation with one of the team.

020 7118 3553 or