18th December 2019

The Difficulties Of Piezo

As rhinoplasty frequently requires reshaping or repositioning the nasal bones, nose surgery has often called on the traditional method of using a hammer and chisel to break bones. Some nose jobs, however, use piezo (piezoelectric inserts), which is a new kind of rhinoplasty instrument involving ultrasound. In this post, I’ll break down how piezo works, who it’s suitable for and the results you can expect from this new opportunity – all while acknowledging the challenges involved along the way.

What is piezo?

Piezo uses a motorised device to make precise, step-by-step changes in your nose. Vibrations from crystals are transmitted to small, specially shaped tips that can cut and smooth away bone. Diamond-coated tips can also sculpt bone. The benefit of this type of nose job is that it can more accurately target specific areas of the nose without injuring soft tissues such as the cartilage, and prevent what’s called ‘radiating fracture lines’ – lines that extend from the point of impact. It can also help prevent sharp edges and irregularities.

What is the treatment suitable for?

The main areas piezo is useful for are asymmetry, bumps on the bridge – the nasal hump, and irregularities. We have to raise the soft tissues more for piezso rhinoplasty, but this does mean we can see more and understand your nasal shape better. The piezo means we have new opportunities to then finesse and sculpt your nasal shape more. It also gives me new opportunities to control your nasal shape and the position of your nasal bones better.

What are the results like?

My impression is that I have better control over creating a smooth bridge with piezo.  It is important to remember, though, that piezo is only an instrument and any instrument is only as good as the hands of the surgeon using it – whether it gives us new opportunities or not.

Nose surgery with Mr Julian Rowe-Jones

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How do I book my nose job?

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