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Welcome to This Cookie Policy is designed to tell you about our practices regarding the collection of information from you when visiting our website through cookies and other tracking technologies.

Overview of UK cookie consent rules

EU law requires organisations placing cookies through websites onto visitors’ computers to obtain their “consent” after providing clear and comprehensive information about how cookies are used on the websites.

In order to comply with this, we have taken four steps:

  • Identified cookies and other tracking technologies served through this website, the purposes they fulfil, and related information such as their expiry and whether they are first or third party cookies.
  • Assessed the intrusiveness of these cookies on visitors’ expectations of privacy, based on the information collected.
  • Provided ‘clear and comprehensive’ information about website cookies with the appropriate level of disclosure corresponding with the intrusiveness of each cookie.
  • Decided on an appropriate strategy for obtaining consent for website cookies, taking into account their use and intrusiveness. Certain types of cookie may qualify for legal exemptions and, where this is the case, consent will not be required for these cookies.

The consent strategy that is appropriate for any given type of cookie will depend on the intrusiveness of that cookie, taking into account:

  • who serves the cookie (i.e. a first or third party)
  • what data the cookie collects
  • what purposes it fulfils
  • how long it endures
  • the nature of the website through which it is served.

Prior consent for websites targeted at audiences with particular health issues: This website targets audiences with specific health issues. Due to the categorisation of health-related data as “sensitive” under European data protection laws, collection of cookie data through this website is considered intrusive. For this reason, we have adopted a prior consent model for certain cookies served through this website.

This site may use and combine such passively collected anonymous information to provide better service to site visitors, customise the site based on your preferences, compile and analyse statistics and trends, and otherwise administer and improve the site for your use. Such information is not combined with personally identifiable information collected elsewhere on the site unless you have consented.

Links to other websites

This site may contain links or references to other websites to which this Cookie Policy does not apply. We encourage you to read the Cookie Policy of every website you visit.

How to contact us

If you have any questions, comments, requests, or concerns related to this Cookie Policy or the information practices of this site, or if you would like to opt out of future communications, please contact us.