Rhinoplasty surgery, before and after

At Mr Rowe-Jones’s clinic, every patient treated has access to our state-of-the-art photographic studio, incorporating the highest quality lighting and imaging.

Photographs of your nose will be taken before and after surgery. These images are an essential part of your nasal assessment and medical record. Digital images are also vital for highly detailed nasal and facial analysis, measurement and surgical planning.

To give you a better idea of the results that he has achieved, the images below are of real rhinoplasty operations (nose jobs) Mr Rowe-Jones has performed.

What Mr Rowe-Jones advises you to think about when you look at before and after images:

● Before and after pictures are helpful because they can show you the quality of outcome that an individual surgeon has been able to achieve. Rhinoplasty is a very difficult operation. Even if you only see one result, if it is excellent, which you can only judge by seeing the nose from more than one view, it cannot have been achieved by luck alone. Appreciate that it is evidence of considerable skill.

● You do not need to see many, many examples to know what a surgeon can achieve – every high quality result will have needed skill and experience to achieve it. It is helpful though to see that a range of different types of problems seen by the surgeon have been mastered. A number of high quality results is also evidence of consistent surgical performance.

● You do not need to see multiple before and after photographs to decide whether you like an individual surgeon’s aesthetic and artistic sense and eye. No single good result will have been left to chance.

● Thinking that looking at many photographs is a good way to find out what is possible for you can also be wrong. Looking through many before and afters, using them as a catalogue to choose your nose from is wrong. There are differences between every single nose and so you must not assume your nose is the same as an example you have seen. You need an experienced surgeon to highlight the limitations in what can be understood from photographs and why they might be misleading.

● It is also very important to understand that a good result for one patient does not mean the same result can be guaranteed for you, even if you share some similar features.

● You must think about the quality of the photographs you are looking at. Are they sharp and clear? Do they have shadows that affect how the contours and symmetry of the nose and face appear? Is the lighting, background, head position and head size in the frame the same in the before and after pictures? These are signs of care and attention to detail and are very important when comparing a nose before and after rhinoplasty.

● Be aware that natural, subtle results are often the most difficult to achieve, often requiring the greatest skill, experience, artistry and judgement.

● Achieving natural results is very important to Mr Rowe-Jones. So is being transparent and honest about what is achievable for every patient, as an individual. Good communication, often including computerised manipulation of your images in conversation with your surgeon is much more helpful in understanding what can be achieved for you than seeing many before and afters. Image manipulation is also a very important part of helping you to feel confident you and your surgeon are on the same page and that your surgeon has understood what you want.

● Image manipulation does have technical limitations and sometimes cannot show what surgery can achieve for you. Before and afters of similar cases, but only when explained and discussed together with your surgeon, whose cases they are, can help in these circumstances.

I am very grateful to all previous patients who have kindly given me permission to use their photographs to help others.

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