11th June 2015

The decision to proceed was very easy

Dear Julian,

I wanted to put something in writing after my surgery on my nose last year. When we first met, I had already had previous surgery on my nose but was still very conscious of my inability to breath properly and the aesthetic look.

During the two consultations, you were so reassuring yet very carefully explained the potential risks of surgery. I was particularly nervous as I was very aware that previous surgery had made my nose more fragile and therefore further surgery would potentially be more challenging.

The decision to proceed was very easy because it was very evident that you and the team wanted to help me and not once did I feel under any pressure to proceed, in fact you asked me to really consider my options which made the whole experience much easier.

On the day of the surgery, you came to see me and very carefully explained again what your aims were and to reconfirm my expectations.

The surgery went ahead as planned and you came to see me the next morning to give me the aftercare pack and explain the next steps The follow up in the clinic immediately after surgery and in the following months I had full reassurance and support from you and your team.

My expectations of a results were low considering my previous complications (with other surgeons!) but you have totally stunned me with my nose, not only can I breath, you fixed a complicated nose to make it look perfect, a result I never expected any surgeon could achieve.

I cannot thank you enough and I have already recommended you to a friend who has been considering surgery. Please feel free to show my letter to any prospective patients who may be considering your services, as I can only thank you and your team for a life changing experience!