26th November 2019

Correcting An Over-Projected Nose

When it comes to nose jobs, a common area of concern is an over-projected nose. In this post, I’ll break down this type of concern, including how it presents, its impact, and reasons for treatment.

What is an over-projected nose?

Often called a ‘long’ nose, this type of nose is where the tip points further forward than desired, making the nose jut out or look larger.

What does this type of nose look like?

An over-projected nose presents in many different ways. In some, it may be a nose that is a good shape but just too big for the patient’s face. In others it may just be the tip that is overprojected, creating a Pinocchio look.

 What are the effects of an over-projected nose?

Having a nose that you’re unhappy with aesthetically can affect your confidence, with a potential knock-on effect in other areas of your life. Some nose problems can also cause breathing difficulties. Whatever your reason, my expertise in rhinoplasty treatment can help correct things with expert nose surgery.

How is this type of nose treated?

Rhinoplasty for an over-projected nose involves setting the tip back, closer to the face.  The bridge may also need to be lowered to match. I aim to balance the profile of the nose with the rest of your features, while keeping the results as natural as possible.  The limits to setting back the tip is how much the skin will shrink – less change can be achieved for patients with thick skin.

Why choose Mr Julian Rowe-Jones?          

 I am a Consultant Surgeon with over 20 years’ experience and have built a reputation for delivering rhinoplasty procedures that are centred on you, the patient, with procedures combining functional and cosmetic approaches.

When it comes to treatment, I and my team will be with you every step of the way, giving you our undivided attention – from your initial consultation to the surgery itself and even the aftercare – and managing it all with the highest level of professionalism.

Alongside this, my clinic offers immaculate and clinical surroundings, purpose-built equipment and cutting-edge technology. Its location, on London’s famous Harley Street, has a reputation for expert care in the cosmetic and medical fields. Put together, these aspects help ensure I can offer you the best treatment possible, for the best possible results.

How do I book my nose job?

Booking in for your nose surgery involves an initial consultation. Enquire on the web contact page today and one of my trained and friendly assistants will be in touch.