11th June 2015

The staff made me feel comfortable and safe

The staff made me feel comfortable and safe

“On the day of the procedure the staff were very kind and made me feel very comfortable and safe, they answered any questions I had with ease.”
Dear DR Rowe-Jones, I am pleased to be writing this testimonial, to express my gratitude, and happiness at the result of my procedure. For the people reading this, I would like to let you know a little about myself, and how I came to have a septorhinoplasty procedure. I am an Operating Department Practitioner in operating theatres, so have a background experience in surgery, and the hospital environment, therefore I would like to share my experiences with you, from my perspective.

The reason for my testimonial was due to a fall at a very young age. Overtime the appearance of my nose became worse but also my breathing. Before Dr Rowe-Jones, I had already had one previous operation, which due to other complications caused my nasal septum to become more deviated, and my breathing did not improve as much as I had anticipated. I learned a great deal about the journey of being very afraid of waking up with a new nose, or a nose I didn’t feel expressed how I felt, to making the decision to have another operation, and putting myself and my family through it again, because (hopefully), I wouldn’t go through it alone. I was taking everybody into account when I made the decision, but it was down to me and my health and well being and making the decision for myself. I do recall however once I knew Dr Rowe-Jones was my Operating Surgeon, I googled his name as I am sure anyone would, and was very reassured by his accomplishments, knowledge and skills on being an Internationally recognised, functional and cosmetic nasal surgeon.

During my consultation’s I tried to ask as many questions as I could, from what I had written down over time, as this helped me feel more secure about having the right information that I needed and about the complications that could also occur during a procedure, it is important not to have too high expectations as with surgery, every nose is different and unique, so each procedure can be modified for the best interest of the patient and what is the safest option. Whether it be for appearance or breathing. All these things needed to be considered and evaluated.

In my consultation Dr Rowe-Jones was very knowledgeable and I felt very welcomed, the experience was very uplifting to me and helped my confidence, in being able to go through the procedure again. On the day of the procedure the staff were very kind and made me feel very comfortable and safe, they answered any questions I had with ease, and allowed me to express how I felt.
It was a rewarding experience to see it from the patients point of view and how scary and unnerving the journey can be. Waking up and having a cast on my nose, was very uncomfortable, however, i was given clear instructions on how to keep it clean and given booklets to guide me through all the steps at home. I just want to let you know that you are never alone, which is very reassuring, you can also ring into the hospital for any advice which I feel is a great service, for any emergency, or if you just have an important question you forgot to ask.

When the time came to have my cast off I was very nervous, but I had to remember it was very swollen at this stage, so the appearance was going to be different from when the swelling came down, when my cast came off, I was almost in tears because it was so swollen, however once Dr Rowe-Jones had a look he was very impressed,and after his reassurance on the swelling, (on which he had to remind me!), I looked in the mirror, and could already see clearly, through the alignment and the look of my nose, that it was going to be perfect for my face, once I got home, my older sister told me that it now looks the same as the pictures of my nose before it broke, so I’m thrilled. Within days I could already see a difference from when I had my first procedure, I could already breath a lot easier, and my mother kept telling me how impressed she was. My mother was the first person to see my nose when I got home, when she opened the door, (this is very true), she was almost in tears, she said, ‘I cant believe it, it looks too cute on you, its perfect’. She could see the difference from before the first operation, and after the second, and through all the swelling, she could see what an amazing job, Dr Rowe-Jones had done, and his team.

A year down the line and I am very happy with my nose, I can smell the flowers and have a great confidence about my nose, for some people, its a little thing, but if you’re on this website, you know its the little things that matter! Thank you very much to Dr Rowe-Jones and his team, for an amazing experience and helping me on my life journey with a new spring in my step!