3rd June 2019

Rhinoplasty for under- and over-projected nose tip

The cosmetic rhinoplasty is capable of correcting misaligned or non-flattering shape, bumps, and ridges in the nose. Each patient journey is different, so there are many different ways to approach a rhinoplasty. Here at The Nose Clinic in London, Mr Rowe-Jones specialises in the safe and advanced sculpting of rhinoplasty. One of the ways we can address the shape and size of the nose is to correct an under- or over-projected nose tip.

Under-projected nose tip

An under-projected nose refers to a nasal tip that doesn’t stick out enough from the face. This can result in a flattened appearance to the nose. This kind of projection can come as a result of injury or accident, such as a broken nose or sports trauma, that destabilises the tip support, or it can simply be the nose’s natural formation. Rhinoplasty for an under-projected nose tip or ‘flat nose’ can be used to reposition the tip to project it further outwards and in some cases a little more outwards to produce a more aesthetically pleasing nose.

Over-projected nose tip

One of the features of an over-projected nose tip is that the nose can appear too big or hooked, especially from the profile view. The nose appears too long and protrudes farther out of the face than aesthetically necessary, which can throw the rest of your facial symmetry out of balance. Because of the over-stretched tip, your nostrils may also appear bigger or longer because of this. A cosmetic rhinoplasty can treat this kind of over-projection by repositioning the tip’s cartilage or even the bone from the bridge of the nose. Special care is needed not to take too much off from this area, which is why you should seek an advanced nose job surgeon if you are considering this.

Choosing your rhinoplasty surgeon in London

It should be emphasised that the deprojection of the nose should be done by a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. Even if you have an under-projected nose tip and are considering cosmetic surgery to correct it, only a nose specialist should be trusted with those surgery. Profile balancing and natural-looking results are complex to achieve and therefore require an advanced understanding and appreciation for the natural harmony your facial features should ideally be in. This is why you should only trust Mr Julian Rowe-Jones, who is a world-renowned specialist in nasal surgery with over 20 years’ experience as a consultant surgeon.

Rhinoplasty in London

If you are considering a rhinoplasty in London to correct an under- or over-projected nasal tip, get in touch with The Nose Clinic today. Enquire online to book your initial consultation.