16th May 2019

Why Rhinoplasty is so Complex

All surgery is complex and requires specialised training, but rhinoplasty is more so than others. In fact, rhinoplasty is considered one of the most complex cosmetic surgeries to master given the structure of the nose and the balance it provides to a face. We want to instil in our patients and those who are considering the expertise of Mr Rowe-Jones why the rhinoplasty is so complex, and thus why you should always visit an advanced cosmetic surgeon and nose specialist.

The nose and its relationship to the face

The nose is the focal point of the face and is one of the first things we notice in our peripheral vision when looking someone in the eyes. Not only this, but from a side view or profile view, the nose can change the way we perceive other facial structures such as the cheekbones and face length. When the nose is out of proportion or balance with other facial features, it can elongate the face or change our perception of it entirely. Facial balance and symmetry is key to an overall aesthetic appearance, and clearly every patient’s facial structure is unique. This is the first challenge that rhinoplasty surgeons face, because not only are they tasked with improving the nose’s cosmetic appearance but also adhering to their natural facial anatomy.

The different types of nose tissue

Your nose is made up of different types of tissue that need different approaches to treating or augmenting. The base of the nose is bone, the bridge and tip are cartilage, and covering all of this is skin. Your rhinoplasty surgeon works hard to ensure that the skin is manipulated to properly cover the internal structures of the nose and to minimise scarring. They may also need to break the nasal bones to reset them or reshape the cartilage, which may be necessary best practice to secure natural-looking results.

Rhinoplasty for both form and function

It is impossible to ignore that a cosmetic rhinoplasty must also ensure the correct function of the nose and does not interrupt breathing. While operating, a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon and nose specialist will ensure that the structures of the nose stay intact and that the patient will be able to breathe properly after their healing process. Of course, the chances of complications and risks must be accepted before the surgery is performed because a complex surgery is also a more unpredictable surgery. This is something that a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon such as Mr Rowe-Jones will communicate to you during your consultation and ensure that you are fully aware of the surgery you are undertaking.

Choose a board certified surgeon

It’s highly important you choose a board certified surgeon that is recognised for their skill and expertise in rhinoplasty procedures. Mr Julian Rowe-Jones is a world-renowned specialist in cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty in London, so you know you are in safe hands. Book your consultation today.