8th June 2019

Correcting a bulbous tip through rhinoplasty

The bulbous or rounded tip of the nose is commonly seen in nasal reshaping rhinoplasty surgery. A bulbous tip is described exactly as it presents itself – a rounded tip of the nose that almost appears as a bulb or ball on the end of the nose. Many patients complain that their nose appears too big or without structure, when actually this can be balanced by addressing what appears to be a bulbous tip.

The ‘ideal’ nose tip

The lower third of the nose, or nasal tip, is made up of the right and left lower cartilages. These are thin and wing shaped, arching over the nostrils. The nasal tip should, ideally, not draw attention to itself and be in proportion to the rest of the potential patient’s face so that the bridge gently blends or transitions into the nasal tip. Overall, the nasal tip should be triangular shaped with the ‘point’ forming the tip, but without any sharp angles. We call this a soft triangle, which means it gently slopes in a convex orientation from the midline out to the sides.

Cartilage grafting

Correcting a bulbous nasal tip through rhinoplasty may require cartilage grafting or reposition of the lateral crural. Grafting involves using your own natural cartilage from an area of your face of body and placing it in your nose to add support and shape. The nasal tip cartilages are made smaller by removing very small strips from their upper edges and by making them less bulbous by reshaping them. A segment of cartilage is placed under the lateral crus (the cartilage that structures the outward-facing parts of your nostrils. This acts to ‘straighten’ the sides of the nasal tip to help it appear softer and more refined rather than the tip being concentrated in one place.

Choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon

Choosing a reputable rhinoplasty surgeon is very important, as it will be their knowledge and skill base alone that restructures and resizes your nose. Mr Julian Rowe-Jones of The Nose Clinic is a world-renowned specialist in cosmetic and functional nasal surgery with over 20 years’ experience as a Consultant Surgeon. As an internationally recognised authority he has performed more than 2,500 rhinoplasty procedures, both primary operations and secondary operations when patients have had multiple surgeries elsewhere.

Rhinoplasty in London

If you’re considering rhinoplasty in London and would like to reshape the tip of your nose, contact us today to arrange your initial consultation. Mr Rowe-Jones will assess your individual case and advise on the best journey for you.