2nd July 2019

What if the results of my Cosmetic Rhinoplasty don’t meet my expectations?

There are a number of risks and complications associated with cosmetic surgery. However, the risk of disappointment with the results of your rhinoplasty is a factor that you may not have considered as in depth. Before you go ahead with the procedure, your surgeon will discuss the possible risks with you and make an assessment of your expectations. Your motivations are an important factor in deciding whether you are a good candidate for a cosmetic rhinoplasty. In order to avoid a feeling of disappointment post-surgery, we will make sure that you are aware of the benefits and limitations of the procedure.


Will I have an idea of what my nose will look like before surgery?

Your surgeon will make sure you are fully aware and prepared for the results of your surgery during your consultation. This involves taking a series of digital photographs of your nose and face from different angles. This process enables us to develop a better understanding of the structure of your nose and how we can make improvements during surgery. By manipulating these images, your surgeon can show you what the results of your surgery will look like. This process ensures that both you and your surgeon are clear on what is achievable through this procedure.


Are my expectations too high?

There are a number of reasons why you may be considering this procedure. Common and reasonable motivations include: long term dissatisfaction with the shape of your nose, wanting to fix damage sustained on account of an accident and to correct breathing problems. These concerns can be remedied successfully using a rhinoplasty procedure. However, if you associate the results of the surgery with any of the following it is likely that your expectations will not be met, and you will feel disappointed. For example, wanting a nose job to boost your career prospects, to improve popularity amongst your peers or because a partner or significant other told you that you should.


What is the best way to avoid feeling disappointed post-surgery?

Choosing to have surgery is a personal decision but make sure that you are honest with your surgeon during your consultation. To ensure that the surgery is a success, communicate openly about what you would like to achieve. Your surgeon will go to great lengths to ensure that you feel comfortable and will not put any pressure on you to proceed. It is also advisable that you discuss the surgery with your peers, they may be able to help you decide whether having a cosmetic rhinoplasty is the best course of action for you. As with all cosmetic surgery procedures, a significant personal investment is required in terms of time, money and dedication.


Here at The Nose Clinic in Guilford, Surrey, and Harley Street, London, we can offer you a completely confidential conversation with one of our fully trained assistants. If you would like to proceed, we can then schedule an initial consultation to discuss your expectations with our surgeon. We will always go above and beyond to ensure that our patients are thrilled with their results. If you are unsure, you can learn about our patients successful experiences with the clinic within the ‘Patient Stories’ section of our website. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to plan your visit to one of our London clinics.