17th June 2012

Thoughts from Las Vegas – nasal tip projection and nasal tip de-projection: techniques from a multispecialty faculty

This was a great panel reflecting the multispecialty contribution ethos of the meeting. Russ Kridel and me from head and neck / facial plastic surgery and Joe Gryskiewicz and Richard Warren from plastic surgery. I have had the pleasure of being on panels with Russ before but met Richard and Joe for the first time. We all had similar techniques to address the septum and its contribution to the position of the tip and to changing the size of the tip cartilages themselves. I have written on this topic before, you can read the article here.  I find it hugely invigorating to gain further insights into rhinoplasty from not just working with the leaders in my field but also with the best from other specialties. This co-operation across surgical specialties, sharing ideas and experiences to the greater good of our individual practices for our patients is exciting, is right and is a big stride forwards. I am hosting a rhinoplasty course in London this November with Mehmet Manisali a Consultant Maxillo-Facial Surgeon and our International faculty has plastic, surgeons facial plastic / head and neck surgeons and maxillo-facial surgeons.  I have lectured at The Royal Society of Medicine Cosmetic Surgery Interface group as a head and neck / facial plastic surgeon with dermatologists, oculoplastic surgeons, plastic surgeons and now at Randolph Waldman’s multifaculty cosmetic surgery group Las Vegas meeting. I am privileged to be involved. We are allies not enemies.