18th June 2012

Thoughts from Las Vegas – dorsal augmentation preferences then and now

Jay Calvert moderated the session on nasal bridge augmentation I contributed to with David Kim, Dan Becker and Norman Pastorek. The general feeling is that using patients own tissue borrowed from ear, rib and scalp was better than using artificial tissue. I have learnt a lot from Rollin Daniel on this subject. Jay has written a lot with Rollin about his techniques having been his fellow. Both of us have been greatly influenced by Rollin who has pioneered so much. I favour using temporalis fascia and add diced or shaved cartilage when necessary. I feel if the bridge needs building up that it is better at times to reduce some parts of the bridge that are a normal height to achieve a flat bed in line with the lowest areas. This means we can sculpt a whole new profile evenly rather than trying to fill just the low areas to match the others. A difficult challenge and position to take at times but I was pleased to hear that this is an area dear to Jay’s heart and that we agree.