27th September 2019

The Perfectionist Surgeon

The trait of perfectionism has historically been criticised, but there are many reasons why having a perfectionist approach to work is a positive asset. Reportedly, the late Apple founder Steve Jobs was a perfectionist – and his multi-billion-dollar legacy shows no signs of letting down.

In fact, being a surgeon and a perfectionist often come hand-in-hand. And at The Nose Clinic on Harley Street, we believe it’s something to be admired. Here’s what you can expect from a perfectionist surgeon.


Perfectionism goes beyond simply wanting to do a job well. It actually motivates you to strive for excellence and success, and ensures you get the best results possible. The main way in which perfectionist surgeons achieve excellence is through people who are delighted with their surgery results.

Attention to detail

A perfectionist surgeon will ensure every part of your treatment and surgery flows smoothly, and will have measures and strategies in place should a contingency plan be needed. Being highly accurate and skilled in the arts of organisation and analysis are key qualities to look for in your surgeon.


 At times “perfection may be the enemy of good”.  Experience is so important as it helps the perfectionist to know when enough is enough and to know that to keep trying may spoil an already good result.  It’s important too to remember that perfection can never be achieved – it’s like trying to reach the horizon.  But it’s important to never stop striving to perform better.


While some surgeons may regard you as a patient, the perfectionist surgeon knows you are a person – and they want to get the best results for you. In fact, they are deeply committed to attaining those results and to giving you the best care both now and in the future. As well as a commitment to you as a person, the perfectionist surgeon has a commitment to their craft. Not only will they be highly knowledgeable, but they will also continually seek to better themselves and learn more about their specialisms.

 A competitive edge

Having a perfectionist mindset sets this type of surgeon apart from their contemporaries, offering something more than others – whether it’s an extra step in care, or having high expectations of their own abilities and their team.

High standards

One of the most important things to look out for in any kind of surgery is high standards. Not only will this help achieve the results you deserve, but it ensures procedures are carried out correctly and efficiently. You should also expect high standards of care and cleanliness from your clinic.

At The Nose Clinic, based in Harley Street London, we are known not only for being nose specialists in cosmetic rhinoplasty, but for Mr Julian Rowe-Jones FRCS (ORL), a world-renowned specialist in cosmetic and functional nasal surgery. Identifying as a perfectionist himself, he performs all procedures himself to meticulous standards – so if you’re considering a cosmetic nose surgery, it pays to book with The Nose Clinic.