15th October 2019

Correcting A Twisted Nose

A twisted nose – also known as a crooked nose – is one that doesn’t follow a straight line down the middle of your face. They can present very differently, varying in degrees and from person to person, and in the worst cases, can cause breathing problems.

Common shapes

Typically, a twisted nose is shaped like a C or S along the bridge. A deviated nose has a straight bridge but is angled to one side or other. All these crooked noses will have a deviated septum (where the ‘wall’ inside your nose, which divides the nasal passages, is leaning to one side).

Causes of a twisted nose

There are many factors that can lead to a twisted nose. A severe infection or tumour could be the cause, though it’s far more commonly caused by an injury, or even previous surgery on your nose (including rhinoplasty). Sometimes, a twisted nose is present at birth – though as the cartilage in your nose continues to grow over time, the twist may worsen over time.It’s important to note that if your crooked nose is caused by an injury, you may experience other symptoms, such as bleeding, swelling and trouble breathing at the time. You should always seek medical advice for these as you may need urgent surgery.

Treating a twisted nose

While many websites claim that there are special ‘facial exercises’ that can reverse or improve a crooked nose, the truth is that these are unfounded. Your nose is made up of bones, cartilage and tissue which can’t be altered through exercise. That’s where nose surgery – rhinoplasty – comes in.

Rhinoplasty for a twisted nose

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a ‘nose job’, can help correct the appearance of your nose. The surgery can be either cosmetic (aesthetic in nature) or functional (medical in nature) or both. Nose surgery in the case of a twisted nose will involve septoplasty, where the septum is reshaped to give it a straighter appearance, as part of the plan.

 Treatment with The Nose Clinic

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