22nd February 2016

What makes the best rhinoplasty surgeon in the UK – for you?

What makes the best rhinoplasty surgeon in the UK – for you?

Choosing the right surgeon is the most important decision in rhinoplasty

Many surgeons consider rhinoplasty one of the most difficult disciplines in cosmetic surgery. Finding the best surgeon for you is essential for the best possible result.

When you type in “best rhinoplasty surgeon UK” in Google, it will give you many search results.  Yet, you still won’t know who’s the best rhinoplasty surgeon for you.

There are a few key points to narrow your search for the right nose doctor:

Choose a doctor with credentials

Your rhinoplasty surgeon should be GMC registered in either Plastic Surgery or Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, & Throat Surgery) or Maxillofacial surgery. Look for additional credentials and qualifications such as European & International Board Certification in Facial Plastic Surgery http://www.ebcfprs. This certification is based on the American Board for Certification in Facial Plastic Surgery exam and shares examiners. It is also important to find a surgeon who understands aesthetic and functional nasal surgery.

Choose a surgeon who specialises in nasal surgery

Not all plastic or ENT surgeons perform rhinoplasty on a regular basis. You should consider  a surgeon who can demonstrate a special interest in rhinoplasty. This means knowing the range of a surgeon’s work, what they do not do as much as what they do – and so how they spend their professional time, whether they teach on the subject, research and write articles and papers on the subject and travel to spend time at meetings and with other surgeons who are enthusiasts in rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery.

Given the complexity of all rhinoplasties, doing rhinoplasty well needs a lot of experience. The surgeon should have experience in all rhinoplasty techniques as all rhinoplasties are different. If you are seeking revision nose surgery, your surgeon should have experience in ear cartilage grafting and rib cartilage grafting and the use of fascia.

View your surgeons before & after results

Most experienced surgeons should have a before and after photography portfolio. These pictures can help you understand what is possible and show you the results your surgeon can achieve. You must remember that what has been achieved for other patients may not be achievable for you.

Ask to see simulated results

Your surgeon should analyze your pre-operative photographs with you and be able to explain your nasal shape to you together with what is possible. Some surgeons use tracing paper to overlay your photographs. Others might manipulate your photos with computer morphing software. You should leave your consultation clear as to what is possible and what is planned for you.

Trust your instincts

Find a surgeon who understands your goals, expectations, and desires. Communication is crucial. You should feel comfortable with your surgeon and trust them.

Read testimonials

Your surgeon should have some recommendations from patients who have given them feedback on their surgery. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to find a surgeon you can trust.