14th March 2016

How can you be sure to choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon in the UK for you?

How can you be sure to choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon in the UK for you?

Choose a surgeon you can trust

It can be difficult to know who the best rhinoplasty surgeon for you may be. Follow our recommendations and you’ll find a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon.

There is no true answer to who is the best surgeon for every patient. Choosing a surgeon is a personal decision that depends on your feelings. You should choose the surgeon you feel most comfortable with. You both should agree expectations and goals. You are placing your rhinoplasty operation success in their expert hands. Make sure you find a surgeon you are happy with.

To best ensure your happiness and satisfaction at the end of your nose surgery take your time. Choose a surgeon who is the best at what they can do and one who you trust.

What makes a good nose job surgeon?

  • A nose surgeon that is qualified to the highest levels of their profession. A surgeon who is on the GMC register for Otolaryngology – Head & neck surgery or plastic surgery or maxillo-facial surgery. They may also be Board Certified in Facial Plastic Surgery http://www.ebcfprs.org
  • A nose surgeon with a lot of experience doing the rhinoplasty procedure
  • A nose surgeon that focuses on rhinoplasty as opposed to offering it as one of many  procedures
  • A nose surgeon with a confidence in their capability whilst recognising that rhinoplasty is complex, difficult surgery with limitations
  • A nose surgeon who can show you a good portfolio of their previous surgeries. Before and after photography and good testimonials are useful indicators
  • A nose surgeon with artistic skills and vision
  • A nose surgeon who can offer a detailed explanation of the procedure
  • A nose surgeon that turns some patients away because a rhinoplasty is not in their patient’s best interest
  • A nose surgeon that puts your well-being first

What to avoid in a rhinoplasty surgeon

  • A surgeon that doesn’t show you they care about your health and comfort – both mental as well as physical
  • A surgeon who offers ‘special deals’. This may be an inducement to surgery
  • A surgeon who tries to pressurise you or incentivise you into the surgery. Choosing to undergo rhinoplasty should be entirely your decision
  • A surgeon who persistently advises that you should have the operation with them
  • A surgeon who advertises free consultations in which you may see someone who is not the surgeon who will perform your operation. Your consultation should be providing a medical opinion on what is best for you