19th August 2015

Julian Rowe-Jones on: What should you think about Internet forums? (Video)

Top UK Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Julian Rowe-Jones on: What should you think about Internet forums?

Internet forums

An awful lot of patients who come to see us have found us through internet forums, but I think it’s important that you take a balanced view of what’s on the internet forums, there’s good and bad about all rhinoplasty surgeons on these forums and how do you judge? It’s really difficult. I think it’s important to take a balanced, adult, mature view of these things and to judge the whole thing in context.

Balanced view

You should understand that studies have shown that 30% at least of patients who request aesthetic rhinoplasty have body dysmorphic disorder, they have psychological problems and some of those patients will be posting on internet forums. I think you also have to recognise that there are some patients who have personality disorders and those patients may be very motivated to post on internet forums, so you cannot assume that everybody’s giving a balance view when you read what’s on the internet forums. The best way to decide about surgery, is to go and talk to a surgeon.

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More about Julian Rowe-Jones

Julian Rowe-Jones founded The Nose Clinic in 1998 with a clear mission to deliver world leading standards of cosmetic nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) in Guildford, and now in Harley Street, London. His aim is to provide a level of friendly and professional consultancy, advice, support and patient care that complements and enhances these standards. His expertise as a rhinoplasty surgeon is central to the success of his patients; and you can read more about his background and experience in specialising.

A Rhinoplasty review

I would firstly like to thank Mr Julian Rowe-Jones for looking after me so well. I was assaulted on a night out and ended up with a broken nose, which was painful and I couldn’t breathe through it. I came to see Julian after being recommended to him by a few of my clients, he was lovely made me feel comfortable and I trusted him. He told me what he was going to do and I was booked in.

I had my surgery and within about two days I could already breathe better than I could before. He has changed my life. I never knew how much you take breathing for granted. I am a beauty therapist, the way I look is very important for my job and it takes a lot to trust someone but he is amazing, so thanks again.