12th August 2015

Julian Rowe-Jones on: What is considered a fashionable nose? (Video)

Top UK Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Julian Rowe-Jones on: What is considered a fashionable nose?

The last decades

I was recently asked to give a lecture on finesse in rhinoplasty. It’s very interesting, I reflected on the results of rhinoplasty’s over several decades. Several decades ago rhinoplasty was not as complex, nor involved technically as it is now and rhinoplasty was often performed quite quickly, elegantly, over 45 minutes or so.

Unfashionable today

But when you look at those results and as a particularly famous Estee Lauder model, you see that they had unfashionable results that will be considered unfashionable today. The goal was for the Hollywood button, the nose looked artificial, the nostrils were high, the tip was irregular and this was on very beautiful people otherwise and so as time has moved on, the goal undoubtedly is for a more natural balanced look.

Fashionable today

A higher bridge without the scoop, not the pixie type nose and in fact when you look at the Estee Lauder models today, they have noses which are undoubtedly natural, fuller in the nasal tips, sometimes even quite round in the nasal tip and bearing no, what we call stigmata, no abnormal signs of surgery, so I think fashion does change in rhinoplasty. However having said that a natural normal looking nose is never going to be out of fashion and my goal is always for that natural look.

Presented by Julian Rowe-Jones, Top UK Rhinoplasty Surgeon

More about Julian Rowe-Jones

Julian Rowe-Jones founded The Nose Clinic in 1998 with a clear mission to deliver world leading standards of cosmetic nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) in Guildford, and now in Harley Street, London. His aim is to provide a level of friendly and professional consultancy, advice, support and patient care that complements and enhances these standards. His expertise as a rhinoplasty surgeon is central to the success of his patients; and you can read more about his background and experience in specialising.

A Rhinoplasty review

The experience from the consultation to the surgery and post care has been incredible and professional both with Mr Rowe-Jones and all the staff.  I was extremely selfconscious of my profile before surgery but am no longer worried about having a ‘ski slope’ nose.

I feel like my new nose suits me better. It took over a decade between having the first rhinoplasty to find the confidence and the right surgeon to perform second revision surgery. Finding Mr Rowe-Jones after reading about him in Tatler and proceeding with surgery turned out to be one of the best decisions and worth the wait.