31st December 2014

Julian Rowe-Jones on: What do you need to think about when choosing a surgeon? (Video)

Top UK Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Julian Rowe-Jones on: What do you need to think about when choosing a surgeon?

First area to consider: Planning my surgery

When you’re thinking about how to choose a surgeon, you really need to consider several areas. The first area is how well are they planning my surgery? That means have they listened to me, have they understood exactly what I’m hoping to achieve. If they haven’t, don’t go ahead with surgery with them.

Second area to consider: Analysing my nose

Number two, have they analysed my nose, do they understand my nose? I put a huge store on analysis, not everybody does. I think you have to. Analysis is where a good rhinoplasty result starts. I use high-quality photographs with proper backgrounds, not everybody does. I use computer programmes to measure angles and lengths, not everybody does, I really believe they should. I also think they need to communicate well what is achievable, if they haven’t told you what they think is achievable, don’t have surgery with them.

Third area to consider: Tools

How do they communicate? I use image manipulation software, not everybody does, I think it’s vital. They mustn’t be unrealistic with it and you need to say to them, ‘do you think you can achieve this?’ If they say yes, do you have something against which to measure your outcome? This is vital.

Fourth area to consider:  Experience

Of course they need to have great experience doing the surgery. Numbers aren’t necessarily the best indicator. I am taking longer to do a rhinoplasty now than I did 10 years ago, because my attention to detail, my understanding, my sophistication is much greater than it was then and so I do fewer rhinoplasty’s a year than I used to, because they are taking longer. But nevertheless I think it’s important that you know I am very committed and I’m not doing a bit of everything. I don’t do very much else, I really just do rhinoplasty.

So these factors are very key; you need to know how you are going to look afterwards. Will they revise your nose if you’re not happy with it? Do you think they can have the confidence to revise it, if necessary? These are vitally important things. Do they have a team to look after you? We have a team, who are available for you afterwards, we have on going care built into our protocol, our plan and pathway for you, these are all vital things. Some people say what about revision rates? Revision rates are helpful, but some surgeons are more keen to get a great result, we will suggest revision more than those who don’t care about you. I think these are the key things you need to think about.

Presented by Julian Rowe-Jones, Top UK Rhinoplasty Surgeon

More about Julian Rowe-Jones

Julian Rowe-Jones founded The Nose Clinic in 1998 with a clear mission to deliver world leading standards of cosmetic nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) in Guildford, and now in Harley Street, London. His aim is to provide a level of friendly and professional consultancy, advice, support and patient care that complements and enhances these standards. His expertise as a rhinoplasty surgeon is central to the success of his patients; and you can read more about his background and experience in specialising.

A Rhinoplasty Testimonial

Having experienced two failed rhinoplasties with another surgeon, I researched surgeons who had particular expertise in revision rhinoplasty and found The Nose Clinic. I wished I had consulted Julian Rowe-Jones right at the start as it would have saved me so much heartache. Previous surgeries with another surgeon had left me looking worse than when I started. Julian has restored my identity and has left me with a beautiful, feminine looking nose.

The whole of the team were wonderful. They were considerate and supportive throughout the whole process. My concerns were listened to, my options were explained to me honestly and proper planning entered into. I am so grateful to the whole team and would strongly urge anyone considering rhinoplasty to consult Julian