18th February 2015

Julian Rowe-Jones on: How is a twisted nose straightened? (Video)

Top UK Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Julian Rowe-Jones on: How is a twisted nose straightened?


I have a lot of experience in correcting twisted noses. This is because I’m lucky, my NHS practice complements my private practice, I see a lot of patients who’ve had facial and nasal trauma in my National Health Service practice and those patients often have breathing problems.

Specific plan

So firstly if you have a twisted nose, do you have a breathing problem? Ask your surgeon “will you be dealing with my breathing at the same time as you deal with my twisted nose?” Twisted nose surgery, again as with any rhinoplasty surgery, needs a specific plan for the specific patient.

Your surgeon

Your surgeon should know which bits aren’t right. Is it because the nose isn’t in alignment? Is it because there’s asymmetry of one side compared to the other? Or is it a combination of both? They need to know where the asymmetry lies, they need to be able to explain to you how that’s going to be corrected, they need to explain to you are you going to break the bones to straighten that bit or will you have to operate on my septum?


Septoplasty is underestimated, it’s difficult surgery and it’s not just a question of relocating and repositioning the septum. Your surgeon needs to be able to often straighten a curve septum. I often say to patients, your septum is like curved washing up bowl plastic and as you can imagine that is not straightforward to correct so they need to be able to tell you how they’re going to do that and what measures they going to take to make sure your nose is strong after surgery and in the long term.

Presented by Julian Rowe-Jones, Top UK Rhinoplasty Surgeon

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Julian has gone above and beyond my expectations. I am amazed at the result and did not think it was possible to produce what he has. My ability to breathe is so much better and it has given me so much more confidence.  I am very pleased and thank you!