25th February 2015

Julian Rowe-Jones on: How is a flat nose corrected? (Video)

A flat nose operation

There are many different types of flat nose, so it’s wrong to think that there’s just one type with one surgical solution. The nose can be flat at the top because you’re born with broad, wide nasal bones and you have to work out do I have to bring the nose together at the base where it meets the face, or do I have to bring it together the bridge or do I have to do both? There are different techniques for either of those. You will also have to work out is it the cartilage bit, that’s the lower half the nose, that’s flat?

A boxer’s nose

This is often what we might call a boxer’s nose or a saddle nose because when you look from the side there is a dip in the bridge of the nose, just above the tip and this is often because of septum injury.

Reconstruct a saddle nose

So in these cases a surgeon needs to be able to know how to rebuild and reconstruct a saddle nose, these can be really quite complex operations. It’s not unusual for me to have to use rib cartilage and even scalp lining to rebuild the nose in these difficult cases. These aren’t cases for everybody and I often have other surgeons referring me these difficult cases.

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A Rhinoplasty Testimonial

The result is even better than I imagined – a very subtle change that still makes a big difference.  I now never have to worry about my appearance, or feel awkward that my nose is an odd shape, as I did.

Thank you so much! I really am thrilled with the result and feel so good about it. The recovery time was minimal especially when measured against impact.

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