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What is secondary rhinoplasty?

Secondary rhinoplasty, also known as revision nose job, is the term used to describe surgery on a nose that has already had one or more procedures carried out.

This surgery is generally more complex than primary rhinoplasty, as we have to deal with the added complication of working around scar tissue and other side effects of the first operation.

However, some secondary procedures are small refinements of well performed primary rhinoplasty. When this type of revision is needed it is because there are unpredictable aspects and limitations of every surgery that are beyond a surgeon’s complete control. The best nose job surgeons have revision rates of between 5-10% for primary rhinoplasty.

When performing a secondary rhinoplasty, particularly for bad primary results, there will often be little original tissue left to work with, the skin surface may be contracted and deformed, and smooth breathing may be adversely affected. We see many patients who have already had multiple operations on their nose, each one sometimes having made things worse. Correcting these disappointing results is immensely challenging, yet at the same time we find it highly rewarding to see a patient finally getting an outcome that they are happy with.

We recognise that many patients seeking secondary rhinoplasty are inevitably extremely unhappy, emotional, apprehensive and in need of a great deal of care and support. Our aim is to restore your confidence, to be absolutely realistic with you about the best solution and to make you feel in safe and skilled hands.

It is crucial to choose a surgeon with experience in secondary rhinoplasty as this is a very difficult procedure which should only be undertaken by a specialist who is able to perform highly complex reconstruction. It is also most important that your surgeon takes a realistic approach, aiming to achieve significant improvements while at the same time minimising further risks and even recognising when a more conservative ‘camouflage’ operation would be the better and safer option.

In our considerable experience with secondary rhinoplasty, because of the increased complexity, we have found we are likely to perform further refining surgery more often than we do in our primary rhinoplasty cases. It is important to us that you know we will continue to care for you and see you until we have achieved the best result we think is possible for your nose.