3rd November 2011

Why we don’t put before and after photographs on our website

Photographs are personal and precious. We are proud of our rhinoplasty results. We do not want their personal, precious value to our patients trivialised by appearance on our website to be used like flicking through a catalogue. One of our desires is to educate our patients and to help them understand what might be right for them and what can be achieved. We think that photographs of our previous results can be very helpful in this respect when carefully chosen examples that are relevant are chosen. We don’t want everyone seeing our work and our patients photographs.  We prefer to offer viewing our patients photographs to those who will understand and appreciate their real value and who will respect our patients. It is then a privilege and a pleasure for us to show patients we have a good relationship with and who like us and want to have surgery with us examples of our work that are helpful and relevant to them. This we feel is best done in the privacy of our clinic face to face with our patients. Interestingly some of our patients after surgery don’t want to see their before surgery photographs anymore as they’ve moved on with greater self-confidence and their earlier photographs are part of a ‘previous life’. We understand and respect this and recognising what’s personal, precious and in the past and being proud of our work we don’t want to detract from this by providing open access to our patients photographs to everyone.