30th September 2010

Why see us?

We are not a clinic offering a range of cosmetic procedures. We are not a clinic providing free consultations with a view to advocating surgery and providing a standard rhinoplasty.

We want to understand you as an individual and what you are trying to achieve to move forward.  We want to work with you and to help and advise you.  Together we  want to plan what is best for you and to provide you with a high quality experience.  If rhinoplasty can not help you we will tell you so.  When your nose is holding back your confidence and when rhinoplasty is right for you we will meticulously plan for the best result that we feel is possible for you.

We do not perform all the facial plastic surgery procedures. We specialise in rhinoplasty. We are committed through analysis of our own results and through the involvement that comes with teaching and training others, nationally and internationally to the continuous pursuit of excellence in rhinoplasty.

We want to work in partnership with patients who recognise our strengths and experience and our commitment to this very specialist surgical practice. We want to help patients who identify with our direction and values and who will find a relationship of mutual trust and respect rewarding.  We do not have complete control over the final result but we do everything we can, through meticulous attention to detail at every stage, to minimise unpredictability and achieve the best possible result we can.

Ultimately we want our practice to be one that works with patients who hope to develop friendship with us and that provides a great experience which is rewarding and fulfilling for all of us.