6th May 2009

The Regensburg Course in Facial Plastic Surgery

It was a pleasure for me to visit Regensburg as an invited speaker.  Regensburg is a beautiful city on the Danube that has recently been elevated to World National Heritage status.

This was the first time I had performed rhinoplasty on a patient for a teaching course in another country.  Previously my experience of performing rhinoplasty “live for the surgical audience on TV” has been at the London Rhinoplasty Course at the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital.  It was a particular challenge operating in a new environment with some instruments that were different from my own at home and operating for an audience with external and intranasal cameras.  The experience concentrates the mind magnificently!  I think live surgery is a fantastic challenge and undoubtedly such tense circumstances help one develop as a surgeon.  I look forward to visiting Regensburg next year.