17th June 2015

Rhinoplasty patients 67% less self-conscious after nose job, new study finds

Researchers at The Nose Clinic in Guildford working with the Centre for Appearance Research asked 90 patients to rate how self-conscious they felt about their noses on a scale of from 0 (not at all) to 10 (all the time). Before the operation, patients rated their level of self-consciousness as 6.92 on the self-consciousness scale. After the operation, patients rated their self-consciousness as 2.23, a significant decrease in self-consciousness of 67%. This was the one of the biggest psychological changes found before and after nose surgery.

The recent study, led at The Nose Clinic by rhinoplasty specialist, Julian Rowe-Jones, revealed that patients having cosmetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty) also found their noses less noticeable, and that they worried less after their surgery. The patients were less likely to avoid work, social and sexual interactions. They also checked their appearance less.

The study’s findings are consistent with many other studies that claim rhinoplasty patients feel an improvement in their self esteem and quality of life. Another smaller study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found that patients noted less appearance-related psychological distress. The same study showed an increased rating of generic quality of life and self-esteem after rhinoplasty 12 months after surgery.

Patients found that they were less self-conscious after having Rhinoplasty

One of Mr. Rowe-Jones’s patients said: “All throughout the school years I was taunted and bullied. So much so, that I left school at 15 with no qualifications. I became very self-conscious, withdrawn & wouldn’t go out.” After having rhinoplasty with Mr Rowe-Jones, they said “the benefits far outweigh the procedures and a little discomfort” citing improvements in being able to breath easier, having a keener sense of smell, more confidence, healthier teeth, and even kicking a smoking habit for good.

Another patient said “I am very happy with the surgery – the shape of my nose is greatly improved. It has removed the self-consciousness about my nose that has plagued me for many years. Arranging to have the nose operation was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”
It is important to note that the results of the study do not suggest that rhinoplasty procedure caused patients to worry less than before, but there is certainly a very positive association with those having the procedure and the positive benefits that followed. Reductions in self-consciousness are of course not guaranteed.

“Too much self-consciousness can result in self-monitoring and social anxiety,” said Mr. Rowe-Jones. “Social anxiety can lead to the avoidance of social interactions at work, in our social lives, and even in intimate moments with our loved ones. I’m heartened to see that the benefits of nose surgery can go beyond skin deep, and that a knock-on effect of rhinoplasty is a decrease in self-consciousness among patients as well.”


About Julian Rowe-Jones

Julian Rowe-Jones founded The Nose Clinic in 1998 with a clear mission to deliver world leading standards of cosmetic nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) in Guildford, and now in Harley Street, London. His aim is to provide a level of friendly and professional consultancy, advice, support and patient care that complements and enhances these standards. His expertise as a rhinoplasty surgeon is central to the success of his patients; and you can read more about his background and experience in specialising.