30th September 2015

Rhinoplasty costs in the UK and beyond

Rhinoplasty costs in the UK and beyond

We’ve been asked by patients from time to time about rhinoplasty costs and what might account for the different prices seen in advertisements. While there are three ways that people could potentially make rhinoplasty more financially manageable, we don’t necessarily recommend them all. The most common things people could do are:

  • Take advantage of rhinoplasty deals
  • Get rhinoplasty surgery abroad
  • Finance the rhinoplasty procedure

We’ll talk about all three below.

Looking deeper into rhinoplasty deals

It’s possible that you might run across a rhinoplasty surgeon that offers deals on procedures like the one below which was featured on Groupon. The ad induces consumers to make a buying decision by midnight the same day they received the ad.

(image – see link below)

The ASA banned this advertisement “because it encouraged recipients to hurry to a decision to purchase cosmetic surgery.”

The British Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) prohibits ads that offer discounts linked to a deadline date for booking appointments “or other date-linked incentives”. The practice also goes against the good practice guide of the General Medical Council.

Laura Casewell, editor of Cosmetic writes in the Huffington Post:

“From a safety aspect, offering discounted cosmetic surgery is a minefield. For one, you have no way of knowing this clinic you are signing your body over to is reputable, nor that the staff who work there are trained to the appropriate level… Quite rightly the ASA decided that this pressure of time was “irresponsible” and forced customers to make a snap decision. A massive no-no if you ask any reputable practitioner.”

Julian Rowe-Jones agrees:

“My opinion of any discounting of price is that it is wrong in the context of medical services – there should be no financial incentive / inducement to undergo surgery.  It should be based completely on whether surgery can achieve the patient’s aesthetic and psychological expectations, that these are normal expectations, that the limitations and risks have been fully explained, understood and accepted and that both surgeon and patient have a relationship based on mutual respect, trust and acceptance of responsibilities.  A discount will inevitably unbalance this equation.”

Rhinoplasty surgery abroad

The main challenges with going abroad include travel fees, unknown safety and hygiene standards, language challenges, as well as surgeon access following your operation.

While the standards around the world are rising, it’s important to note that other countries often have safety and hygiene standards that differ from the UK.

With regards to going abroad, you need to consider the travel costs involved which include flights, taxis, and hotel time during your recovery period.

You must also consider your ability to communicate your needs and wishes to the rhinoplasty surgeon in another country. Similarly, you need to have total confidence that you understand what the surgeon is offering you. Communication is vital in relationships such as these. A language barrier may not be helpful in helping you achieve your desired outcome.

Financing rhinoplasty costs

Many clinics have financing plans available to help patients spread the cost of their treatment over a convenient period of time. Financing plans range in term from one to five years. Some plans bear interest while others do not.

With any financing plan, you’ll want to check with the clinic to understand exactly what you’re paying. As with any loan, interest charges will increase the total amount you pay for a rhinoplasty procedure.

We at the Nose Clinic offer a financing program through BMI. With this program our patients can spread the cost of their treatment. The details are:

  • 12 months interest-free credit for each transaction
  • Up to £20,000 credit (subject to eligibility)
  • No deposit, annual charge or membership fee required
  • Use at any BMI Healthcare hospital or facility for a period of two years from start date
  • Make affordable, interest-free payments for the first 12 months (£25 or 5% of your outstanding balance shown on the BMI Card statement – whichever is greater)
  • Pay the outstanding balance in full or continue with flexible monthly payments after 12 months – interest charged at representative APR 9.9% variable


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