8th October 2014

Julian Rowe-Jones on: Who will you see at The Nose Clinic? (Video)

Top UK Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Julian Rowe-Jones on: Who will you see at The Nose Clinic?

Our Team

We really believe in a team approach to rhinoplasty. There are many areas where different levels of expertise and different types of expertise are required and that is again a key feature for us have offering you a rhinoplasty service.

Rhinoplasty service

You’ll meet the patient liaison team, they’re the ones who organise everything for you. You’ll meet a clinical nurse specialist, who understands the patient journey for patients and who knows what it’s like before during and after and of course you’ll meet me, who’s your potential surgeon and I’m very keen to develop, as is everybody, a good relationship with you in the long term.

Presented by Julian Rowe-Jones, Top UK Rhinoplasty Surgeon 

More about Julian Rowe-Jones

Julian Rowe-Jones founded The Nose Clinic in 1998 with a clear mission to deliver world leading standards of cosmetic nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) in Guildford, and now in Harley Street, London. His aim is to provide a level of friendly and professional consultancy, advice, support and patient care that complements and enhances these standards. His expertise as a rhinoplasty surgeon is central to the success of his patients; and you can read more about his background and experience in specialising.

A Rhinoplasty Testimonial

When you are having surgery you need to be able to fully trust your surgeon. I immediately trusted Julian and his staff who are professional, friendly and willing to answer any question. It had taken me many years to gather the courage to get rid of the huge hump on my nose and I was quickly put at ease by the clinic. I am a year after surgery and my nose looks great, really natural with a beautiful shape – I’m so happy with it.

The fact that Julian only operates on noses makes a big difference I think. The pain after surgery was minimal and I was well looked after by the hospital (I recommend the honeycomb ice cream – I ended up having four pots!). I can’t recommend Julian and his team enough.