4th February 2015

Julian Rowe-Jones on: How is a droopy tip changed? (Video)

Top UK Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Julian Rowe-Jones on: How is a droopy tip changed?

Why is it droopy?

Some patients present with a droopy tip, a tip that points downwards rather than points up. Again not an easy thing to correct, you need experience to correct the droopy tip. Firstly your surgeon has got to work out why it is droopy? It can be because the support is not strong, which means correcting the septum on the inside, or it can be because the tip cartilages are too long and that is pushing the tip down. So again your surgeon needs to know the difference and in fact if you want to be comfortable proceeding with surgery I think you should know that they know the difference and therefore you should ask them how they plan to change it.

Septum problem

If the problem is with the septum, the front end of the septum needs to be rebuilt and I would use tissue from the septum at the back and bring it to the front, again always wanting to use natural tissue; my philosophy.

Tip cartilage problem

If the tip cartilage is a too long they need to be shortened and again not easy because you have got to know the right amount to shorten them by and to get it right, so again you need experience for that sort of nasal tip deformity and sometimes it’s a combination of the two.

Presented by Julian Rowe-Jones, Top UK Rhinoplasty Surgeon

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A Rhinoplasty Testimonial

Julian used Diced Rib Cartilage and Fascia Grafts and after my surgery he confirmed this was the only way to reconstruct my nose. I am also a Hindu man who is proud of his ethnic heritage.

The morning after my almost six-hour surgery and a night of agony in the hospital bed from the abdominal wound was miraculous to say the least. Julian walked in with a smile across his kind face and said my surgery was 100% successful. Now nine months after Surgery I have become the man that was shown to me on the computer screen. I regularly practice Yoga which would have been impossible before this. I have only Julian and Emma to thank.