11th June 2015

I’d absolutely recommend JRJ and the team

“One very very happy girl. I’d absolutely recommend JRJ & the team. Regardless of the surgery, they are all the nicest people in the world & I am gonna miss them!”

I booked in for a consultation and got a cancellation less than two weeks away. Unfortunately on the way in, I got stuck in a bad traffic jam and was nearly an hour and a half late. I was in complete tears because I thought that’s money down the drain; but I phoned up, and the team were so lovely! They told me not to worry, to just get there when I could, not to rush, and they’d squeeze me in somewhere during the day.

Got there, teary eyed and red faced, and they told me to take a deep breath, not to worry, gave me lots of reassurance that it was okay, and when I was calm I went in with JRJ’s “2nd in command”. (Her title has completely gone in one ear and out the other.)

She took the first part of the consultation. She had a chat with me; asked about my nose, took the pictures, went over the ‘boring’ information. I then met JRJ. The Clinic is extremely posh! (Everyone is SO well spoken dahling!, I felt a bit out of place!) But he was the most lovely man. Nothing but smiles and friendliness and I was at complete ease.

It was so lovely to hear someone say “yes, you do have a hump and a large bulbous tip” and everything I already knew. (So fed up getting the usual “Oh but your nose is fiiiine” from everyone else.) I told him what I wanted, he said what he could do, and we looked over a photo where he edited the nose (then and there) and moved it about until we were both happy with the (what hopefully would be) the result.

I had got another consultation booked with IM for 2 weeks after that. However I just knew that JRJ was the man for me, and I booked in for my surgery before I left the Clinic. Luckily I managed to get a surgery appointment just over a month from the consultation. So in total my whole experience from consultation to surgery was 6 weeks long. I left with a prescription for antibacterial wash and nose cream to use before surgery; pack of information; phone numbers; and I was told if I had any questions I could phone up any time, and I got given email addresses if I thought of anything and could just email through. Completely supportive. Left feeling very happy.

Surgery day came, arrived for 7.30am, I was second surgery (at 9.30am). JRJ came and checked I was okay before surgery, and we went over what he was going to do, checked if I had any queries, etc. I woke up after surgery and just felt like I had a bad cold. Was still a bit ‘out of it’ because of anesthetic, but all was okay. Snoozed on and off throughout the day, the nurses came in frequently to check I was fine, and I had the most lovely scrambled eggs for lunch. (You get a meal in the afternoon.)

JRJ came back later on to check I was okay to be discharged, and he was full of smiles and said the surgery went wonderfully, and he was very happy with the procedure. I got more information, and some numbers that I could phone 24/7 in case I had any worries or problems.

Straight away I could see the difference in the front part of my nose. I had a bit of over hang on the bit of skin between the nostrils, (I was always pushing it upwards and wishing it would just stay up!) – that was gone. Also, where most people have noses that curve round from the bottom, I had a disjointed bit so my nose came out, stopped, and then the curve continued (If you imagine from the bottom of the nose round the tip is supposed to be a smooth semi-circle. Mine was like a like ‘ C_ ‘ the line came out of the bottom of the nose, stopped, before curving round (C_ isn’t the best representation, but hopefully it makes sense!) Making my bulbous tip seem larger than it really was. My boyfriend took me home, as I had day surgery and couldn’t drive.

The rest of the week passed by pretty quickly. No problems. Just felt like I was off with a bad cold. Didn’t shower (as advised), just a bath every day. But I didn’t have any problems and managed to wash my hair. You just don’t put your head all the way in. Slept upright, which was probably the most annoying thing about the week, as I sleep curled on my side. No blowing nose, just dabbing.

I had the usual blood drip for a few days. On the 4th evening, I did have a stream of blood coming out (not a lot , a small stream) and phoned the off duty mobile and a nurse told me it was most likely a clot had moved, and not to worry. It stopped shortly thereafter anyway. Woke up in the night to another small stream, lasted about 20 minutes before stopping. After that, not even a drip of blood since.

Took ibuprofen most days, and was taking arnica. I didn’t actually have bruising like I thought I would. From the pictures I had seen, I thought I would look like i’d been in a fight with a boxer! But I only had the tiniest bit next to my nose, and it was only visible if you looked up close. (I bruise easily too!)

Cast off day I went in and a nurse took my cast off. I got a mirror to look in and I couldn’t believe it. It was me, but not me! I had a nice nose (even with the swelling!). I couldn’t stop smiling, and whilst waiting for JRJ I used my camera to take a video of my nose so I could see it from all angles. (Probably looked quite silly sitting in the waiting room doing it!)

Went through to JRJ then, and as he walked in he looked at my nose, and just had the biggest smile on his face. It’s such a nice feeling your surgeon walks in and has a huge smile on face because of your nose. He said it looked wonderful, he was very happy, (he knew I was too!). We had a chat, all was good. Then booked in for my 3 month check up. Wa-Lah! My surgery experience. Effortless, pretty much painless, and a rather lovely experience ! (If a little draining on the savings.)

I have bopped my nose a few times in the weeks following; kissing boyfriend, being whacked in the night by boyfriend, bopping it myself when sorting my hair, and so on. You don’t realise how many times you brush your nose, until you’ve had surgery. But it happens to everyone, and is just one of the things you have to deal with in healing.

My first day out with one of my best friends was the real happy point for me. I was sitting in a coffee shop with her, and for the first time in 11 years, I wasn’t worrying about people walking past me and seeing me profile view. I wasn’t turning my head so people couldn’t see it. I wasn’t worrying “Oh no, they’re going to see my huge nose”. I didn’t actually realise how much weight was on my shoulders 24.7 with my nose, until it was lifted. It was such a great feeling not to have to worry about it. She said straight away that I just seemed so much more relaxed and happier.

The End.”

I cannot believe a whole 9 months have passed since the surgery & that its been so long since i’ve been on the forum!! It’s absolutely amazing how different my life is. Ever since the surgery I have had a weight lifted that I never knew I was carrying & my confidence has soared. I was never happy with my body/myself BECAUSE I hated my nose so much, and I can now say I am happy with myself, I feel happy with who I am, and it’s so great not worrying from what angle people look at me from!! I don’t even remember the ‘before surgery’ very much anymore, I feel like this is how i’ve always been. It’s great. I feel like a whole new happier person!

Had a follow up with JRJ and he was absolutely delighted. He was more so delighted because I was so happy, which was lovely!! I never went in looking for perfection, I just wanted a nose that was normal!! & I got a rather lovely nose, that’s normal, and now makes the rest of my features stand out more As always, JRJ & the team have been there every step of the way & i’ve always had an email or phone number to ring. But I haven’t had a single problem since. The swelling went down pretty quick, nobody even noticed I had surgery!!! People just kept telling me how gorgeous I was looking & had I done something!? (Which was great, as obviously they didn’t notice my nose as much as I did :p) & great that it didnt look like a surgery nose.

Anyway. There you go! One very very happy girl. I’d absolutely recommend JRJ & the team. Regardless of the surgery, they are all the nicest people in the world & I am gonna miss them!