30th August 2010

European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting In Turkey

This was a great meeting full of international collegiate, spirit and friendship.  It was great to catch up with all my colleagues and friends from Europe and the USA.

I gave a lecture on a diagnostic approach to surgery for the bulbous nasal tip which was the final presentation of many thoughts and reflections I’d had over the last few months on how to deal with this difficult problem.  As with many aspects in rhinoplasty often we can correct one aspect of a nasal deformity with a surgical technique which then will carry a risk of creating another problem which we have to offset.  In the bulbous nasal tip sutures can help narrow roundness in one area but increase pinching in another.  This is why I think the lateral crural strut graftis so useful allowing us to create narrowing in one area and preventing pinching in another.

I also moderated a panel on the treatment of irregularities of the nasal bridge, was a panelist on a question and answer session for sutures in the nasal tip, I presented a video on sutures and grafts for the bulbous nasal tip.

In the next quarter I will be reflecting on nasal bridge bump or hump reduction and achieving the ideal profile in preparation for the Milan Rhinoplasty Masterclass which it’s my pleasure to have been invited to lecture on.