22nd May 2013

Ethnic Rhinoplasty – Advanced Rhinoplasty Meeting Chicago 2013

260346_10152837155515383_811323782_nIt was  a pleasure to chair this session about ethnic rhinoplasty and to have as panelists Antony Brissett talking on African American discent rhinoplasty, Yong Ju Jang talking on Asian rhinoplasty, Jose Juan Montes Bracchini talking on the Mestizo nose and Rod Rohrich talking on the Persian nose.

All of us recognised that we have to be extremely careful with generalising on the likely anatomy and shape of a particular geographical region as there really is no one area in the world with just one type of nose and therefore one surgical solution.  Although many asian noses have low bridges there are asian patients with a hump or bump on the bridge of the nose for example.  It’s important therefore that as surgeons we can all manage every type of deformity regardless of the area of the world the patient comes from.

We should though be aware of some anatomical trends that are more likely and also be aware of psychological and cultural sensitivities in patients from different areas of the world.  This really was a fascinating session.