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What is ethnic rhinoplasty?

An example of ethnic rhinoplasty is Asian rhinoplasty, which is a term used a lot. We think it is too simplistic a term, as we all have ethnicity, therefore every rhinoplasty could be thought of as ethnic. However it serves to remind us that surgeons performing aesthetic or cosmetic surgery should not make assumptions and choices for their patients based solely on their own background and culture.

We feel that looking after patients with a heritage or family history that includes areas of the world other than the West is an area of specialisation which requires a deep understanding of different cultures and the ways in which they regard elegance and beauty. We have a long and successful track record of working with ethnic patients, particularly those with origins in the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.

Ethnic rhinoplasty, for these patients especially, may present the surgeon with a particular combination of anatomical features such as thicker skin type, softer tip cartilages, and distinctive shape. It therefore requires great experience to be able to recognise, understand and work correctly with these unique characteristics.

We take great care to fully and properly understand each patient’s individual concerns, anxieties, and expectations; along with those of their peer groups, their friends and families, and those they respect and socialise with. The insight we gain through careful listening and conversation enables us to be confident that the results of surgery will not only please the patient, but also those around them.

We believe it is essential that the results of a nose job are ethnically congruent and appropriate to the skin type, colouring, and other characteristics. As with all our patients, the results of ethnic rhinoplasty must not only look beautiful, but also balanced, natural, and in complete harmony with the other features of the face.