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Rhinoplasty consultation process

Your consultation is an extremely important stage in your rhinoplasty journey. It’s our opportunity to gain a clear understanding of your aspirations, to answer your questions, address your concerns and to explore with you what can and cannot be achieved. At this stage we are often able to digitally show you what is possible. This helps us demonstrate what can be done.

We’ll talk you through what you will experience at our Guildford and Harley Street clinics and how you will feel during every step of the process of your nose job. It’s your opportunity to ask all the questions you have, to tell us about anything which worries you or anything you don’t fully understand. The aim of our consultations are to ensure you end up feeling fully informed and confident about rhinoplasty.

The stages of your nose job consultation

1The initial conversation

We begin with a friendly and welcoming, but thorough and carefully structured conversation. We’ll explore the aspects you don’t like about your nose and how you’d like it to look after a nose job. We’ll then help you to crystallise your thoughts and to put your concerns and hopes clearly into words.

Our objective is to get to know you well and understand how you would like rhinoplasty to move your life forward and improve your wellbeing. We’ll also take a detailed medical history of your nasal problems as well as your general health.

2The examination

We make a detailed assessment of your nose from the outside, and may also look inside through the nostrils with a endoscope (sinus endoscopy).

You may be shown the inside of your nose on a television screen using the camera on the endoscope. This is part of the vital process of understanding your nasal shape and the idiosyncrasies of your nose.

3Rhinoplasty 3D imaging and procedure planning

Next we’ll take a series of 2D and 3D digital photographs of your nose and face from various angles. Our unique 3D technology brings additional depth and understanding of your nose and facial proportions, helping us create a realistic picture of the important aspects of your cosmetic rhinoplasty, such as the three-quarter view and the shape of the nostrils, tip and bridge.

These measurements and images provide more detail, whilst the computer generated 3D impressions can be manipulated to give you an impression of what the results of your rhinoplasty surgery may look like. This process helps ensure both you and Mr Rowe-Jones are absolutely clear about what we are trying to achieve with your nose job.

If you are considering a nose job or have any questions regarding the rhinoplasty procedure then get in touch with us on: 020 7118 3553 for our Harley Street clinic, or 01483 573 850 for our Guildford clinic.