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Nose shapes

Correcting a droopy tip

There are lots of reasons why people may consider a . One common nose surgery is for a droopy tip, where the shape of the nose doesn’t follow the ‘typical’ angle of projection and has a more downward, curved look, as opposed to coming to a more refined, triangular tip and a more up-turned appearance. [...]

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Correcting a bulbous tip through rhinoplasty

The bulbous or rounded tip of the nose is commonly seen in nasal reshaping rhinoplasty surgery. A bulbous tip is described exactly as it presents itself - a rounded tip of the nose that almost appears as a bulb or ball on the end of the nose. Many patients complain that their nose appears too [...]

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Rhinoplasty for under- and over-projected nose tip

The cosmetic rhinoplasty is capable of correcting misaligned or non-flattering shape, bumps, and ridges in the nose. Each patient journey is different, so there are many different ways to approach a rhinoplasty. Here at The Nose Clinic in London, Mr Rowe-Jones specialises in the safe and advanced sculpting of rhinoplasty. One of the ways we [...]

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