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About Julian Rowe-Jones

Julian Rowe-Jones is a world-renowned specialist in functional and cosmetic nasal surgery and has been practising since 1986, after qualifying from St. Thomas’ Hospital Medical School. He received his specialist surgical training in London Teaching Hospitals and became a Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1992.

Taping in rhinoplasty

Following your nose surgery, you will need to to wear a dressing on your nose. Nasal taping and an overlying splint will be an essential contribution to healing and aftercare for protection and support.  This dressing stays in place for about one week.  We will remove this for you at your first visit after surgery. [...]

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Correcting a droopy tip

There are lots of reasons why people may consider a . One common nose surgery is for a droopy tip, where the shape of the nose doesn’t follow the ‘typical’ angle of projection and has a more downward, curved look, as opposed to coming to a more refined, triangular tip and a more up-turned appearance. [...]

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Dealing With Disappointment After Surgery

A rhinoplasty – otherwise known as a ‘nose job’ – is a complicated procedure, often involving repositioning and reshaping your nasal bones. There are risks involved, and results can’t be guaranteed. In this post, I’ll talk about why things can go wrong following nose surgery, and what can be done to give you a better [...]

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Behind The Scenes: Opening & Closing A Nose

Whether from injury, genetics, or something else, a shape or size that doesn’t fit in with the rest of your features can knock your confidence and make you feel self-conscious. That’s where my clinic, The Nose Clinic in Harley Street London and Guildford can help.   As well as offering nose surgery itself, I carry [...]

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Types of Rhinoplasty

At my nose clinic in Harley Street, London and Guildford, patients come to me, Mr Julian Rowe-Jones, seeking treatment for noses of all shapes and sizes. As a Consultant Surgeon with decades of experience, I’ve carried out countless successful treatments. In this post, I’ll outline some common nose types and suggest rhinoplasty to correct them [...]

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The Difficulties Of Piezo

As rhinoplasty frequently requires reshaping or repositioning the nasal bones, nose surgery has often called on the traditional method of using a hammer and chisel to break bones. Some nose jobs, however, use piezo (piezoelectric inserts), which is a new kind of rhinoplasty instrument involving ultrasound. In this post, I’ll break down how piezo works, [...]

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Correcting An Under-Projected Nose

At my clinic, based in Guildford and in London’s famous medical and cosmetic destination of Harley Street, I consult, and have experience in many different types of nose job – both cosmetic-based, and those who have functional issues with their nose. A common treatment at my practice is that for correcting an under-projected nose. In [...]

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Reasons For A Secondary Rhinoplasty

The nose has a prominent position on the face so, it’s vitally important to get it right aesthetically, working to correct any nasal deformities while enabling nasal function. A secondary rhinoplasty is a type of revision rhinoplasty. There are many reasons why a patient might book in for this type of procedure. In this post, [...]

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Correcting A Twisted Nose

A twisted nose – also known as a crooked nose – is one that doesn’t follow a straight line down the middle of your face. They can present very differently, varying in degrees and from person to person, and in the worst cases, can cause breathing problems. […]

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