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Novel Coronovirus (covid-19) guidance

Dear Patients Re: Coronavirus I still want to help and advise you in these difficult times.  I want to do this whilst preserving your safety and the safety of my team as much as possible.  For this reason I have decided to suspend non-urgent consultations with me in my clinic and to offer remote video [...]

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What if the results of my Cosmetic Rhinoplasty don’t meet my expectations?

There are a number of risks and complications associated with cosmetic surgery. However, the risk of disappointment with the results of your rhinoplasty is a factor that you may not have considered as in depth. Before you go ahead with the procedure, your surgeon will discuss the possible risks with you and make an assessment [...]

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Correcting a bulbous tip through rhinoplasty

The bulbous or rounded tip of the nose is commonly seen in nasal reshaping rhinoplasty surgery. A bulbous tip is described exactly as it presents itself - a rounded tip of the nose that almost appears as a bulb or ball on the end of the nose. Many patients complain that their nose appears too [...]

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Rhinoplasty for under- and over-projected nose tip

The cosmetic rhinoplasty is capable of correcting misaligned or non-flattering shape, bumps, and ridges in the nose. Each patient journey is different, so there are many different ways to approach a rhinoplasty. Here at The Nose Clinic in London, Mr Rowe-Jones specialises in the safe and advanced sculpting of rhinoplasty. One of the ways we [...]

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Why Rhinoplasty is so Complex

All surgery is complex and requires specialised training, but rhinoplasty is more so than others. In fact, rhinoplasty is considered one of the most complex cosmetic surgeries to master given the structure of the nose and the balance it provides to a face. We want to instil in our patients and those who are considering [...]

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A Guide to a Secondary Rhinoplasty

A secondary rhinoplasty refers to corrective nasal surgery that serves to alter the form and/or function of the nose after an initial rhinoplasty. This is a surgery also referred to as a revision nose job. Secondary aesthetic and reconstructive nasal re-shaping is indicated for cosmetic or functional deformities not properly treated or made worse from [...]

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How to choose your Rhinoplasty Surgeon in London

Seeking a rhinoplasty surgeon in London means doing some research yourself to find the best and safest hands for your procedure. Cosmetic surgery isn’t something that should be undertaken on a whim or considered lightly, but rather a decision that needs your attention and full comprehension. With so many people, both television personalities and members [...]

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A Guide to Nose Job Aftercare

Aftercare is a very important step in any patient’s surgical journey, because your healing time is very important to your end results, safety, and comfort. The correct nose job aftercare helps to minimise the risk of infection post-surgery and also allows your operated area to heal in its own time. Here’s our brief guide to [...]

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Cosmetic surgery in conversation with mental health

Cosmetic surgery stems from low self-esteem and the desire to change some aspect of our face or body. More and more people are opting for safe UK-based cosmetic surgeons and entrusting them with their surgeries, but there is a conversation to be had around cosmetic surgery and mental health.   Cosmetic surgery and mental health: [...]

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