The consultation process before surgery
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Are you thinking about a consultation?

The consultation you have with your surgeon is to my mind such an important part of having a rhinoplasty.  If you set out on a journey the preparation you make for this journey to take the right route should never be underestimated.  Meeting with the surgeon should be much more than the traditionally termed consultation which suggests a one-way request for an operation.  It should be a partnership in which your hopes and worries are listened to and understood and in which guidance and advice is offered to help you ultimately make your own right decision.  Your time is very valuable particularly in current difficult times.   We want you to be able to receive everything you want  from one visit with us without feeling the need to take more time off work to travel again.  We’ve therefore put over an hour aside for you.  Reflecting on our extensive experience of  what patients want to know, we have specifically structured the time we offer you to anticipate and answer all your questions – even things you might not have known were important before we mentioned them!

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