About Us


Julian Rowe-Jones founded The Nose Clinic in 1998. Since then The Nose Clinic has always aimed for excellence in the management of nasal disorders. Today it is dedicated to offering expert specialisation in functional and cosmetic surgery and emphasises careful assessment to produce a treatment plan tailored to the individual.

Our ethos is to ensure no aspect of patient care should be left to chance. No surgeon should embark upon caring for patients without considering what is holistically best for the patient. The surgeon should reflect on his own motivations, goals and desires for a fulfilling career whilst recognising that the patient’s best interests are paramount.

The clinical care our surgeon develops for the patient should be based on a balanced assessment of all these factors. We always work towards a highly rewarding and valuable experience for our patients.


Our mission

  • To specialise in nasal surgery and provide technical excellence together with a truly rewarding experience
  • To provide the highest level of surgical excellence,
    in a system of administrative efficiency, with
    personal sensitivity


Our vision

  • To fully understand patients’ hopes, goals and concerns
  • To provide personal,  individual solutions and ongoing care
  • To innovate and advance care and surgical expertise


In conclusion, you, the patient, are our sole focus, – before during, and after treatment.