Symptom Diagnosis

Sinus and nasal problems are very common. All our patients with nasal and sinus troubles find that their day to day quality of life is affected…


Nose Procedures

Surgical treatment for nasal and sinus problems should be individually planned as every patient is different…


Cosmetic Surgery

Our goal with cosmetic nasal surgery is to give patients the nose they want that is natural, does not look surgical and that is in harmony with their facial features…


Snoring Treatments

It is not necessary to put up with the embarrassment of snoring or the disruption it causes to you or your loved one’s sleep…


Our Mission

To build highly valued patient centred relationships and advise on the best individual solutions to all nasal problems for all patients.

To be recognised for providing specialist expertise using the most advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques and skills.

To give you confidence and control, and a high quality experience and journey.

Our lead consultant, Julian Rowe-Jones, is recognised worldwide as a leading expert in nasal surgery for both medical and cosmetic procedures. Julian lectures worldwide at many of the world’s leading hospitals. You can meet Julian at one of his clinics in Guildford in Surrey, or Harley Street in London, where he conducts all consultations.


Words cannot express my wonder at the quality of work that Mr Rowe-Jones did on...
AZ - July 14
When you are slowly rolling towards middle age and assume you have everything (well almost)...