28th February 2020

Correcting a droopy tip

There are lots of reasons why people may consider a nose job – and it may be that if you have an issue with your nose, then nose surgery could be an option for you. One common nose surgery  is for a droopy tip, where the shape of the nose doesn’t follow the ‘typical’ angle of projection and has a more downward, curved look, as opposed to coming to a more refined, triangular tip and a more up-turned appearance. 

This post will highlight and answer a few commonly asked questions about this type of nose and what rhinoplasty might involve.  

What is a droopy tip?

A nose with a droopy tip is turned down and may project out less far. It can look flat against the face, have a squashed appearance, or look rounded at the bottom. 

What are the effects of this nose type?

As with any type of nasal problem, it might be impacting your daily life in terms of how confident and self-assured you feel, or it might be something more medical, such as affecting your breathing or sleep. 

How can you treat my nose?

I would plan with you bringing the tip up. If your profile is curved, we would talk about re-balancing this side view. This might involve lowering the bridge or bringing the tip forward as well as up.  Your surgical plan may involve a combination of these procedures. Grafts to support the new tip position may be necessary.  I only use grafts made from your own tissues such as cartilage from your nasal septum, ear or rib..  

Why choose Julian Rowe-Jones?

At The Nose Clinic, based in Harley Street, London and also in Guildford, Surrey, my approach is to offer high-end nose surgery that achieves a natural appearance, with your ‘new’ nose working in harmony with the rest of your features – so that while you’ll see and enjoy fantastic results for yourself, others may never know you have had a nose job. 

Part of our treatment process involves a consultation with a psychologist, in order to determine why you’re seeking a nose job and to ensure it’s the right decision for you. We are an ethical team and believe all our patients should be treated as individuals, and part of this is getting to know more about you, your desired outcome and whether surgery is an appropriate choice. 

If you’d like to know more about this type of rhinoplasty, or are considering a nose job, don’t hesitate to get in touch with my team at The Nose Clinic today.