As specialists in rhinoplasty and cosmetic nasal surgery, we’ve created some handy guides and articles to give you even more information on nose jobs. From tips on how to find the right surgeon to medical news and emerging technologies.

Correcting a droopy tip

There are lots of reasons why people may consider a nose job – and it may be that if you have an issue with your nose, then nose surgery could be an option for you. One common nose surgery  is for a droopy tip, where the shape of the nose doesn’t follow the ‘typical’ angle of projection and has a more downward, […]

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Taping in rhinoplasty

Following your nose surgery, you will need to to wear a dressing on your nose. Nasal taping and an overlying splint will be an essential contribution to healing and aftercare for protection and support.  This dressing stays in place for about one week.  We will remove this for you at your first visit after surgery. Why tape and […]

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