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What is primary rhinoplasty?

Primary rhinoplasty is the term used to describe a nose job carried out on the nose for the very first time. Any subsequent surgery is known as secondary rhinoplasty.

Primary rhinoplasty is a highly skilled and complex surgery, as there is no such thing as a standard procedure. Every nose is unique; because nasal anatomy is incredibly complex and noses are infinitely variable in shape. Multiple 3D pieces make up the nose, all of which when changed must still fit back together smoothly. The nose must also work normally after rhinoplasty.

As specialists in nose jobs, we always endeavour to produce the results you want, first time. In primary rhinoplasty, the skin is at its most elastic, the anatomy of the nose is not distorted by any scarring and there is plenty of cartilage and bone available to work with. The septum is also available in case grafts are needed, meaning there is less likelihood of needing to use tissue from other areas.

The best way to ensure your rhinoplasty surgery is right first time is to place yourself in the hands of the most skilled and experienced of surgeons. You can find more information on our team here.