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//Aesthetic and psychosocial improvement of a rhinoplasty

Aesthetic and psychosocial improvement of a rhinoplasty


A rhinoplasty, or colloquially the nose job, has many aesthetic benefits, but were you aware of these psychosocial and potential health benefits too? As one of the most highly reputable rhinoplasty surgeons in the UK, Mr Julian Rowe-Jones investigates some of the benefits of the rhinoplasty and how we approach limitations to the procedure.


Rhinoplasty enhances facial symmetry

Your rhinoplasty can improve the symmetry of your face and how your nose relates to and enhances your other facial features. Facial symmetry refers to the balance of your facial features and the ‘golden ratio’ or phi. This relies on how your facial features communicate and appear in relation to each other and is often thought to contribute to general attractiveness. Since the nose sits in the middle of the face, it can become the focal point of where others will generally place their gaze when speaking to you. This is why it can subsequently affect your confidence and facial symmetry should it be too big, too small, or have some form of deviation in its bridge or structure. Addressing these irregularities that may throw your face out of balance with a rhinoplasty could help to restore symmetry to your facial features.


Rhinoplasty can improve air flow

Some patients who experience breathing difficulties find that their rhinoplasty actually helps improve their air flow. This kind of ‘functional’ rhinoplasty can straighten structures in the nose that limit air flow, inhibit comfortable breathing, and sometimes even contribute to snoring. These problems may arise from birth defects or trauma to the nose from a sporting accident or impact, which can also leave the patient susceptible to a deviated septum. Your rhinoplasty may rebuild certain areas that restrict your nasal passages and remove obstructions to benefit your comfortability and therefore quality of life.


Rhinoplasty can improve confidence and mental health

A lot of patients opt for cosmetic surgery because they are unhappy with some aspect of their facial features. As aforementioned, the nose is the focal point of the face and can often define it, meaning that if you are unhappy with its shape or position for whatever reason you can soon become self-conscious. Disliking your physical appearance can lead to a lack of confidence in social situations and in personal relationships, often encroaching on your mental health and causing low self-confidence. Your rhinoplasty may be able to remodel your relationship with your nose, achieving a sense of rebirth or improvement from a previously self-perceived unattractive feature. It’s important to note that your rhinoplasty may not have an outwards ripple effect on how you perceive your face as a whole, but it can certainly cosmetically improve your problem area and therefore positively impact you psychosocially.


Realistic expectations and limitations

As a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon, Mr Julian Rowe-Jones’ first priority is to ensure that you are physically and mentally well before beginning to plan any form of procedure. Your health, safety, and stability are of the highest importance to us at the Nose Clinic, so we always perform a detailed and honest consultation with our potential patients. This includes taking into consideration your mental health and politely investigating body dysmorphia should we detect its presence. This is because we do not wish to cause distress, complications, or risks unnecessarily and will of course empathetically advise on your options and whether surgery is the right avenue for you at this moment in time. This is something that is very close to our heart, and we ensure not only that you are comfortable proceeding with your cosmetic surgery, but that we are moving forwards too.


The Nose Clinic and Mr Rowe-Jones himself continues to provide high-quality rhinoplasty in Guildford to the appropriate patients who seek him. Should you wish to find out more and schedule a confidential consultation regarding your potential procedure, simply enquire online today.

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