Why Us?

If you have any concerns about the health, function or shape of your nose we would like to help you at The Nose Clinic.

At The Nose Clinic you will be under the care of Julian Rowe-Jones, a world leading Consultant Rhinologist who specialises in nasal and sinus conditions, the shape and function of the nose, and the ways in which the nose, sinuses and lungs are related.

A rhinologist has particular expertise in surgery of the nose and sinuses. The Nose Clinic has facilities and personnel for investigating and treating all your nasal concerns by surgery and other non-invasive procedures.

We believe careful analysis is vitally important in being able to solve your nasal problems whether they are cosmetic or functional.

From the very outset we aim to completely understand the nature of your nasal or nose condition and also your goals and aspirations for change. If these are realistically achievable (and we will be completely honest with you at all times) then we proceed with mutual agreement.

Our mission is to fully support your condition and the journey we take together to change your life positively.